USS Hammond/Crew Roster

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Rank Character Name Post
06-Capt-Red.png Captain Allen O'Malley Commanding Officer
05-Cmdr-Red.png Commander Jehrzah Adorakon First Officer
04-LtCmdr-Red.png Lieutenant Commander Casia V'Harn First Officer
03-Lt-Red.png Lieutenant Tobius Rehn Second Officer/Chief Tactical Officer
04-LtCmdr-Red.png Lieutenant Commander Ewen Alisdar McGregor Mission Specialist/Diplomatic Corps
05-Cmdr-Red.png Commander Brynn Wellesley Diplomatic Advisor
01-Ens-Red.png Ensign Tracey Townson Helm/Comm/Ops Officer
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign Sarmona Raye Chief Engineer
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign Ryan Larinson Chief of Security
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign Adam Shelp Chief Medical Officer
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign Koloth Science Officer
01-Ens-Silver.png Ensign Jeremias Nevron Unknown
01-Ens-Silver.png Ensign Alex Perry Unknown