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“Eppur Si Muove”

Galileo Galilei (And yet it moves)

The USS Galileo was commissioned in 2357 and given to recently gazetted Captain Jordan Healey; one of the last of that class, with her modular science department rigged entirely for Cloak Detection and Transwarp research. Her research led to several dead-ends with regards to the latter, but some limited success in the former was achieved using tachyon beams. The battle of Wolf 359 was a dark day for the Galileo. Her Captain was lost, and though the infrastructure of the ship survived, she was deemed beyond cost-effective refit. The ship was decommissioned and left to rot... Until the Dominion War. By that point the Federation were desperate for every mobile phaser they could find, and they gave the hull of Galileo a low-grade refit in the hope that she would give the Dominion an extra target to aim at. They never expected she would make it back in tact.

With her refit complete, she was placed back on Starfleet's active roster, albeit as a ferry and training vessel for would-be Captains, with no full-time CO. But when Starfleet next had a Transwarp Engine to test, or a new facet of Transporter technology to research, they'd know which ship to come to.

Under the command of Commander Alan Keldor, the Ambassador Class research vessel disappeared when test-firing the experimental XMARA Transwarp Drive. She spent three months in the Andromeda Galaxy, hundreds of thousands of light-years from home, and battered by enemy forces. After a frantic attempt at repairing the XMARA drive, it misfired, moving the Galileo back to exactly the same location it departed from three months earlier. She limped home to StarBase 118, and was decomissioned permanently.


  • Registry Number: NCC-112
  • Class: Ambassador
  • Classification: Not assigned


  • War Capablities: 3
  • Number of Decks: 36
  • Crew Compliment: Officers: 75
  • Enlisted Crew: 475
  • Total: 550
  • Civilians (Families): Permitted
  • Maximum Capacity: 1200
    • Height: 125 Metres
    • Width: 320 Metres
    • Length: 526 Metres
  • Warp Engines: XMARA - experimental propulsion
  • Impulse Engines: Standard
  • Computer System: LCARS
  • Speed: Cruising: Warp 6
  • Emergency: Warp 8.8
  • Expected Duration: 70 Years
  • Times B/W Resupply: 3 Years
  • Times B/W Refits: 5 Years

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