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USS Excalibur-G

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The USS Excalibur was the second Prometheus class vessel to be assigned to the UFOP fleet, (after the USS Caledonia) and was originally assigned to sub-fleet 251. The ship and its crew, which had previously served in another sector, were re-assigned to Starbase 251 on Stardate 237608.08. The eighth vessel to bear the name Excalibur, the ship was named after the sword of mythical King Arthur of England.

The Excalibur had an unusual mission brief, and although primarily a powerful escort vessel, the ship was outfitted with advanced medical equipment. The ship's main feature was it's multi-vector attack mode, when the ship splits into three separate warp capable units to give it a great tactical advantage in battle. During its time in the fleet the Excalibur was under the experienced command of Captain Alexander VonGrippen.

By year end 2376, the Excalibur would exit the fleet, assigned to a new sector.

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