USS Eagle Ready Room

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Intrepid readyroom.jpg
The Eagle
The Eagle

Located on the Starboard side of the ship the Eagle's Ready Room is a standard configuration ready room used by the Commanding Officer to do work, meet with her officers, or otherwise do tasks that require a bit of privacy.

The ready room's current occupant has decorated with a small variety of bric-a-brac including old Engineering Designs of various Intrepid Class and Eagle predecessors on several walls. The room also contains a model of the Eagle from Earth's first space age, and a model of the ORA-IIIb - the Eagle's current engine adorning opposite sides of the door. A model of the Ital Coanda d'Selim ('Light-ship Freedom'), Aria's lightship, and the awards it has won adorn a shelf next to the windows.

On the coffee table is a model of an Exquisitely crafted Eagle taking flight. Made from bits of the USS Thunder-A's hull and marble from the Embassy of Duronis II's steps, Aria's first postings and delivered as a gift from Brayden Jorey.

Other officers have joked Coffee Cup and related paraphernalia are also part of the decoration due to their ubiquitous nature in the room.