USS Eagle Ready Room

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Intrepid readyroom.jpg
The Eagle
The Eagle

Located on the Starboard side of the ship the Eagle's Ready Room is a standard configuration ready room used by the Commanding Officer to do work, meet with her officers, or otherwise do tasks that require a bit of privacy.

Displayed prominently in the office are miniatures of the ship itself, the Eagle from the Earth Space program which landed on Luna, and Aria's own Lightship the Ital Coanda d'Selim ('Light-ship Freedom'), and an exquisitely crafted Terran Eagle. The latter was a gift from Brayden Jorey and was fabricated from bits of the USS Thunder-A's hull and marble from the Embassy of Duronis II's steps.

Other officers have joked Coffee Cup and related paraphernalia are also part of the decoration due to their ubiquitous nature in the room.