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Intrepid xo office.jpg

The First Officer's office is located on Deck 2, near the wardroom.

Similar in function and purpose to the captain's ready room, this office allows the first officer a place to perform personnel evaluations, hold one-on-one meetings, and perform other administrative functions away from the bridge.

Standard features are a desk with a desktop viewer, a large viewscreen for displaying LCARS data, a food replicator, and a couch with a low table for guests.

Lieutenant Commander Delan Han had added some personal touches to the room during his tenure. A small picture frame sat on the desk rotating through pictures of his wife and daughter, and other family. A copy of his graduate diploma, the original is somewhere in his parent's house, from the Trill Science Ministry hung in a corner where he could see it from his desk but was mostly hidden from view of casual visitors. He kept it to remind himself of where he came from and why he joined Starfleet in the first place.

A simple white porcelain tea pot and pair of tea cups sat on the low table by the couch. A wooden case containing a number of small air tight containers full of various types of loose tea from around the Federation, sat on the floor tucked between the end of the couch and the wall.

When Delan Han vacated the office, and Randal Shayne took over, Shayne removed almost all signs of personality from the room. His personal furnishings for his quarters are sparse, but affects for the XO's office are non-existant. It is a room for business, not pleasure, in his mind, and his separated nature urges him to find new was of increasing privacy.