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(( Holodeck 2 - Eagle Island ))

The interview segment had just began and the host and guest were seated very comfortably on the couches next to the shoreline. The cool scented ocean breeze drifted towards them and the soft tropical music soothed the senses.

Valentino: So Miss Devar, lovely to see you. That dress really brings out your eyes.

The soft fabric in Arista's olive green beach dress flowed beautifully within the breeze. A few beads were strung along the bottom hem. Her hair fell in soft, damp waves past her shoulders. She chuckled.

Devar: Thank you.

Valentino: :Smiles: You seem to me to be a very clean and tidy woman and you clearly take care in your appearance.

Devar: Always a charmer, Valentino?

She laughed a little.

Valentino: What is the longest amount of time you have gone without a shower?

Her eyes widened as her lips curled into a lopsided smile.

Devar: What kind of question is that?

She stared at him for a moment before breaking out in laughter. The expression on her face revealed that she found the humor in it.

Devar: Well, if you must know, there was a time where I went weeks without a shower. Back in my days in my home universe.

Valentino: Wow, that’s a long time, glad I didn’t run into you then! :Michael teased:

Michael looked around, absorbing the atmosphere and smiling. He turned to look towards the camera as Arista shook her head, laughing under her breath.

Valentino: Arista here is very competent at her job and it seems like she’s been doing it forever! ::Turns to Devar:: What was it that made you choose Starfleet?

Devar: Actually, Starfleet chose me. I keep no secrets about my past. When I first came here, it was a Starfleet ship that found me and a Starfleet doctor who nursed me back to health. It felt like a natural choice, given the circumstances. I felt like I needed to give something back. It wasn't an instant decision but one that made the most sense for me.

The young lieutenant turns back to the camera. His Italian features seemed perfect for showbiz and he was clearly able to charm to people he spoke to and didn’t have to try very hard.

Valentino: Our First Officer is also an active member of the 13th House of Betazed. ::Turns to the golden/brown haired beauty:: You are spending so much time with Starfleet at the moment, hasn’t affected your standing as a member of the 13th House of Betazed?

That wasn't a widely know fact so she was taken aback for a moment. Then realization hit her and she answered slowly.

Devar: Not at all. It doesn't matter where you are, what you are doing. When you are a member of any House on Betazed, you are accepted for life. My position there is very undefined. I'm not much interested in House politics as my adoptive family would be. This is their timeline and they know the ways in this time better than I. It would be in everyone's best interest if they kept the major workings within that circle. That's not to say I wouldn't be interested in knowing more or involving myself more, but I only have so much to give, given my position and obligations as a Starfleet officer and my devotion to my husband and daughter.

Valentino: Did you have any problems settling in with your adoptive family on Betazed?

She nodded as she stared off a little, towards the water.

Devar: Yes. I mean, given the situation, I think anyone would have some reservations. It was weird separating my adoptive sister to the one in my time. It is something I'm still working through.

He must have noticed the uncomfortability Arista was feeling because Michael quickly shifted the conversation.

Valentino: A lot of the crew know that you’re a telepath. What capabilities do you possess?

Devar: Oh, what any normal Betazoid would possess, Mister Valentino.

She grinned widely.

Valentino: Wow. Remind me to keep my thoughts to myself when I’m around you ma’am! :Smiles and winks:

Standing up, he extends his hand to Arista. She accepts and she stands up, the skirts of her dress flowing around her slim legs.

Valentino: Shall we go for a walk along the shoreline?

Devar: Sure.

The pair walked along the shoreline as the camera followed. Michael continued his questions.

Valentino: Do you think about your old life?

Devar: Yes. It is hard not to.

Valentino: You must be happy to have Jasmine and Adam in your life now. I’m sure they’re helping you adjust to, perhaps, a new way of life?

A warm smile brightened her face as she thought of her husband and daughter. In the sun light a small scatter of becoming freckles could be seen across the bridge of her delicate nose. It was a topic she adored but wished to maintain privacy on, so she only divulged the vague.

Devar: Absolutely. It has been a wish come true, to have them back in my life. An impossible made possible. We're adjusting and we're sorting it all out one day at a time.

Michael had planned the walk well. He knew that these questions would be hard for the first officer and didn’t want to put her in the spotlight. He steered the conversation in another direction.

Valentino: If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

Devar: Everything I am, everything that I have done has led me to this point. It hasn't been perfect but it hasn't been awful either.

Valentino: That’s very interesting!

Devar: I believe that everything has a reason. My faith shows me the hope in dark days and gives me joy in the best of days. Without the bad, you cannot have the good. It balances you and makes you the best person you can possibly be.

Walking back from their stroll, they found themselves back at the seated area and both took their seats. Arista grabbed her skirt fabric and flipped it over her crossed leg. She then touched a golden strand of hair dangling over her sunkissed face, pushing it behind an ear.

Valentino: Well Arista, it was a pleasure having you this evening. We explored some really interesting areas of your life.

Devar: It was nice chatting with you.

Though there was much that was left still unsaid. Michael would interview the First officer again. The shared a light laugh and he looks back to the camera.

Valentino: Next time on A Chat With Valentino, we have another great guest. She was responsible for taking care of our heath and brightening up our Sickbay. Having been promoted to second officer, her duties have increased, but she’s lovelier than ever and can definitely sing a fine tune! It is of course Emirry MacGowan.

He flashed his charming smile.

Valentino: Hope you enjoyed the show! See you next week! Addio mio amicos (Goodbye my friends)!

A Chat With Valentino; Hosted by Michael Valentino.

Guest appearance by Commander Arista Devar