USS Drake Assigned Craft

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The USS Drake is equipped with four shuttles and in addition to these, in emergency situations the crew has access to 42 escape pods placed at strategic locations around the vessel.

Short Range

The Drake carries three Type IX (also known as Class 2) shuttles, named the Francis, the Tavistock and the Portobelo. They are fast and maneuverable, but definitely not built for comfort.

Another shuttle, the Plymouth, was originally part of the complement. As part of the attempt to escape from null-space the Plymouth was loaded with dilithium and destroyed by a quantum torpedo launched from the Drake in order to open a rift back to normal space.

The Type 9 possesses limited amenities, and though furnished for two pilots and four passengers, can be crewed by a single person if necessary. Their compact size has earned them a reputation for causing "Class Two Claustrophobia" at Starfleet Academy, due to a predilection for stress-testing cadets by sending a full crew of six on training missions that last several weeks. As one Starfleet officer quipped "you did not want to be around when they opened up that airlock".

Image Specification

Type-9 small.jpg
  • Crew: 2, plus 4 passengers
  • Length: 9.17m
  • Beam: 3.80m
  • Height: 2.95m
  • Decks: 1
  • Mass: 1.85 metric tons
  • Armaments: 2 Type IV phaser banks, 2 Micro-photon torpedo tubes with 20 torpedoes
  • Deflectors: 4 symmetrical subspace graviton field grids
  • Hull: Single light Duranium/Tritanium
  • Warp Speeds: Cruising 3, Maximum 4 (sustainable for 3 hours)

Long Range

The Drake carries one Type XI Shuttle, named the Golden Hind.

The Type XI shuttlecraft is an advanced piece of technology, containing bioneural circuitry as a standard, as well as a compact powerplant that still provides excellent cruising and maximum speeds. The cockpit is an individual compartment, seperate from the rest of the shuttle, which a break from Starfleet's standard shuttle design.

Image Specification
Shuttle type 11.jpg

Type-11 small.jpg
  • Crew: 2, plus 10 passengers
  • Length: 14.64m
  • Beam: 3.26m
  • Height: 4.25m
  • Decks: 1
  • Mass: 27.20t
  • Armaments: 4 Type V phaser banks, 2 Micro-photon torpedo tubes with 60 torpedoes
  • Deflectors: 8 symmetrical subspace graviton field grids
  • Hull: Single light Duranium/Tritanium
  • Warp Speeds: Cruising 4, Maximum 7 (sustainable for 3 hours)