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“Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The USS Doyle, NCC-80221-A, is a Luna class starship under the command of Captain Shelther Faranster. Named after Scottish physician and writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) and one of New Scotland's moons, she is the second Federation starship to bear the name.

The Avalon Sector and the Briar Patch were largely unexplored and left without much Federation presence, except for Deep Space 285, which had a single patrol vessel, the USS Constitution-B. Unfortunately, the Constitution had been out of date by a number of years, despite several refits to keep it up to current standards.

After the decision to return to its mantra of exploration and scientific discovery, Starfleet undertook an extensive upgrading of Deep Space 285 and assigned her a new support ship better suited to that new purpose, the Luna class USS Doyle-A.

Named for one of Earth’s most renowned authors, the Doyle’s mission is, much like her namesake’s best known character, to solve the great mysteries of the universe.

Luna class USS Doyle-A

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