USS Discovery-C/Security Office

Security Department and CoS Office

The Chief of Security's Office is normally on Deck 7, but with the USS Discovery-C it is on Deck 8 along with the Main Brig and Security Department. Unlike the Security Office on the Ronin Class this one is a little bigger, It has One Main area with Consoles and a central planning table which also acts as a Briefing room. and a Large brig off to the side with Seven cells. The Security Chiefs Office is next to an external Window and unlike the rest of Security is somewhat small in comparison.

Main Brig

The Main Brig is the larger of two on a Sovereign class ship, this one has 7 standard sized cells all spartan in furnishings and a small area at the rear where the waste reclimators take away the waste and change it into useful energy and replicator nutrients. At the front of the "Cell Block" is a guard duty station for the Brig Officer and any Security personnel given duty.

Data Storage area and Briefing Room

The Data Storage area and briefing room, is the one place only a few Officers have access to and is the 3rd most secure place on the ship. the Ships Commanding Officer, First Officer and Chief of Security are the only non-Intelligence personnel to have access to this area. All Intelligence Officers, depending on their Clearence level would have free access to this area, as it is the one place that is always monitored when not in use and the only place just as secure as the Intel Office on Lock down, it can also double as an Intelligence Department Annex if the main area is cut off.

Main Security Area Basics


Main Security
  • Area 01: Main Security Department.
  • Area 02: Multi-use Display interface and table.
  • Area 03: Left side Security interface consoles (Deals with Internal system threats.)
  • Area 04: Right side Security interface consoles (Deals with External and secure encrypted communications away from the ship.)
  • Area 05: Main Brig lobby, Where Prisoners are processed before going through to the brig.
  • Area 06: Spartan funushed Cells.
  • Area 07: Secure Data Storage and Secure briefing room area.
  • Area 08: Brig Guard Station.
  • Area 09: Brigs Replicator and Prisoner Processing interface (Dual use Unit.)
  • Area 10: Chief of Security's Office.