USS Discovery-C/Captain's Ready Room

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The first thing one notices when they enter the Ready Room was the painting against the far wall, dominating a large portion of the space given. It was a Ba'ku rendition of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh. Although not original, the Ba'ku artisans had come so frighteningly close to the original masterpiece the Federation historical society had contacted the Captain more than once begging him to place it in a museum. The rosewood desk, built from the cherry-covered wood that was common south of the village, took up a majority of the floor space, save a small, 2-seated couch in the corner and the Captain's chair sitting between the painting and the desk. The desk obscured some 24th-century additions, such as a pop-up display panel for communications with Starfleet Command, and a hidden weapons cabinet containing a phaser and a tanto knife. There was another drawer as well, but no one, not even Tyr's closest confidants, knew what was in it. The Captain never spoke of it, but it was nonetheless there. The top of the desk usually held PADDs of numerous reports. The only constant fixture on the desktop was a large, platinum-framed picture of the Captain and his family, taken recently when his twin sons were born. Near the large viewport that stared out at the stars, an old English broadsword, a gift from his former Captain, hung quietly on its pins, blade down, in silent memory of friends long gone. There is a quiet peace to this place, and those entering, no matter how tense the conversation that would follow was, are calmed.