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The USS Discovery-C is a Sovereign class vessel last under the command of Captain Tyr Waltas. Constructed in 2388. After a terrorist severely damaged her predecessor, Waltas was given command of the new ship and she was christened NCC-31929-C.

Affectionately referred to as "The Lady" by her crew, Discovery acted as the flagship for the Avalon sector, a largely unexplored region of space near the Romulan border. With a mighty ship to carry on the name, the moniker Discovery stands to echo through history. Due to the actions of her crew in relation to the Daris II virus and violation of direct orders by several crewmembers, Discovery was inactivated on stardate 239102.01.


Sovereign-class Statistics
Type Number
Class Sovereign
Crew Compliment Officers: 130
Enlisted Crew: 725
Total: 885
Maximum Capacity 2,500
Number of Decks 24 (22 Habitable)
Height 88 Metres
Width 224 Metres
Length 685 Metres
Warp Engines One GE Class 8
Warp Drive Units -
Impulse Engines Two Sovereign-class mass drivers from Terminal Velocity
Energy Impulse Units -
Computer System LCARS, Two AC-16 Bio-Neural Gelpack Cores
Isolinear III Processor -
Beam Weapons 16 Type-XII Arrays, total output 100,000 TeraWatts
Range 300,000 Kilometers
Torpedo Launchers 1 Rapid fire quantum torpedo tube

4 Type 4 burst fire photon torpedo tube

4 Standard photon torpedo tube

Torpedo Payload 175 Quantum, 325 Photon
Range 4,050,000 Kilometers
Speed Cruising: Warp 8 Maximum: Warp 9.99 for 36 hours
Strength Index 3,084
Expected Duration 120 Years
Minor Refit Cycle 1 Years
Major Refit Cycle 10 Years

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