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As seen in the picture, the locker rooms are standard on any Starfleet Vessel. The Locker/Equipment Room contains enough lockers for the perminante Hazard Team Personnel aboard the USS Discovery-B and any visitors it may encounter and is situated to the right of the Briefing Room, thus cutting down on the time it takes to deploy the Hazard Team. There are two main parts to Locker/Equipment Room: The Master Console and the Lockers themselves.

Master Console

Equipment Room Master Console.jpg
The Master Console is located along the very back wall of the Locker/Equipment Room. Its sheer size dominates the room and allows any of the Hazard Team personnel to access duty rosters, ships databanks, current mission information and ship information. Usually as seen in the picture the console is split into three screens the centre screen being the status of each Hazard Team member. Again this console contains slightly more detail than other consoles around the ship and is highly classified to access, thus only Hazard Team Personnel themselves may access it.


Again all Hazard Team Lockers are standard amongst its personnel. As seen in Lieutenant Munro's locker a picture and the name of the members locker is displayed on the console, all lockers are locked by a code only known to the Hazard Team Member themselves. To the right of the console is the storage compartment where the Hazard Suites and duty uniforms are kept.