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The starship Columbia was named in honor of the old earth space shuttle Columbia that was destroyed in a tragic accident in 2003. The first ship to enter outer space with the name Columbia was a pioneer in earth's early space history. It is no coincidence that Columbia will leave dry dock almost exactly 400 years after her ancestor entered earth's orbit for the first time.

Commissioning of the new starship Columbia marks an exciting change for Starfleet. With the Dominion War long over and ongoing peace talks with the Romulan Star Empire progressing, Starfleet has shifted construction of its vessels away from wartime duty towards its primary mission of exploration. The existing Nebula Class design facilitates this change in mission.

This Columbia will sacrifice the battle capabilities of some more recent vessels, but she will be equipped with some of the latest breaking and largely untested Starfleet technology. What Columbia lacks in offensive firepower, she will make up with technological advancement. Part of her mission will be experimenting with the latest technology as well as exploring areas of the galaxy that no vessel has previously dared to explore.

Mission Statement

Dedicationplaque.jpg There are always possiblities...

Theme Song

Ship Specs


  • Columbia Mesh by Flat Eric

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