USS Challenger/The Lounge “Mission Control”

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This is a large lounge, located on deck 5, forward. It has a very relaxed and congenial air about it; the Lounge is the only place on the ship where rank means nothing - "sir" need not be uttered when a person of lower rank addresses an officer, and everyone is on an equal footing. Opinions can be voiced in complete safety. This lounge is the social center of the ship.

The Lounge has a battery of recreational games and assorted "stuff". 3-D chess, pool tables, poker tables (complete with holographic dealer and chips), windows that look out into space, heavily cushioned seats, and numerous other games. There is also a bar (with holographic bartender), and it stores various potent alcoholic beverages, such as chech'tluth, Aldebaran whiskey, Saurian brandy, Tzartak aperitif, Tamarian Frost, C&E Warp Lager, Warnog, Antarean brandy, and others.

During battle, Mission Control is utilized as a "haven" for the protection of Cilvians aboard the U.S.S. Challenger.

Submitted by Toni Turner April 23, 2006