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This chronicles the missions of the USS Athena from 2393 onward, under the command of Captain Selene Faranfey. Here, you can find current information on it's mission, as well as a record of it's previous missions.

Current Mission

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The Romani Gambit
  • Episode 4: Stardate 2394xx.xx - 2394xx.xx
    • The first joint mission between the Dryarian Confederation and Starfleet is put to the test as they deal with the Romani Gambit.

Athena Mission Archive Database

Twilight Reliquary
  • Episode 1: Stardate 239307.13 - 239310.12
    • On the trail of a mysterious precursor race called the Yeltans, the Athena experiences intrigue and attacks at the hands of a mysterious organization...only to have their mission fall apart, the crew sustain boundless injuries, and an alien landmark destroyed.
The Ravaged Systems
  • Episode 2: Stardate 239311.07 - 239402.13
    • While proceeding deeper in to the Raytas Sector, the USS Athena finds itself ambushed by an alien race with technology no one has ever seen before. Can the Athena survive this unusual attack?
A Home Away From Home
  • Episode 3: Stardate 239403.01 - 239404.17
    • Recovering from their brush with the Agragons and first contact with the Dryary Confederation, the USS Athena and USS Victory take on two separate exploration missions. The problem is, no one expected to find something waiting for them.