USS Artemis-A/Operations

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USS Artemis

The Artemis’ Operations Center is located on Deck 5, with various facilities scattered across the ship for more localized tasks.

Ops Center - Deck 5

The main hub of the Artemis' onboard Operations Division, the Operations Center houses the main body of the on-board Computer Core, as well as primary access to the Ship-wide power distribution network.

Power Distribution Systems

Power grid or power transfer grid is an informal term for a system that sends energy throughout a starship, facility or even a planet. These grids can make use of electricity, electro-plasma or any number of energy sources. The Federation makes use of a power grid known as the EPS, the primary energy distribution system on their ships and stations.


The electro-plasma system (EPS for short, or more specifically, the electro-plasma distribution network, as engineers like to call it) is the primary form of energy distribution on starships. On the Artemis, the EPS is processed through a Class XX Isolinear processing core.[1]

Facilities - Deck 17

Warp Core Ejection System

The warp core ejection system is a system aboard warp-capable vessels designed to eject the warp core in the event of a warp core breach in order to prevent the destruction of the ship. Activation of the ejection system typically requires security clearance of the Chief Engineer or a command position officer. This tactic is generally considered to be a last ditch effort to save a ship during a crisis situation and is often unreliable at best.

Deuterium Storage Tanks

The deuterium tank (or deuterium storage tank) is a component of the warp propulsion system aboard most starships that utilize a matter-antimatter reaction, such as Federation starships. The tank is designed to store deuterium for use in the warp core in order to provide power to the nacelles.

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