USS Artemis-A

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“'Let the world honor you my Huntress,' Artemis said, 'Live forever in the stars.'”

Rick Riordan

USS Artemis-A


The USS Artemis (NCC-81287) is a Luna class starship under the command of Captain Addison MacKenzie.

OOC: Because it is the second starship simmed in StarBase 118 RPG with the name USS Artemis, this ship is informally referred to OOC as the Artemis-A.

The Artemis-A was originally launched in 2392 as the USS Doyle (NCC-80221-A) and named after Scottish physician and writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) and one of New Scotland's moons. The Doyle-A was commanded by Captain Shelther Faranster and then Captain Selene Faranfey until mid-2393, when Faranfey and most of her crew transferred to the USS Athena. In her first two years of service, the Doyle-A explored the Avalon Sector and the Briar Patch as a support vessel for Deep Space 285. The Doyle-A was eventually deactivated and spent the rest of the 2390s as part of the reserve fleet.

In 2400, after undergoing a minor refit, the ship was relaunched and recommissioned as the USS Artemis and given a new registry number, NCC-81287, and sent to the Borderlands.

Launch Crew

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