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Festival of Diversity Scavenger Hunt

This is a Teambuilding-Exercise Scavengerhunt utilizing the 'Festival of Diversity' on Starbase 118.


Team 1

  • Renos
  • Maxwell Traenor
  • Dial
  • Collim Kieran

Team 2

  • D'yer Rix
  • Lydia Severina
  • Nathaniel Wilmer
  • Sinda Essen

Team 3

  • Rune Jolara
  • J'Tava
  • Sabina Tiam
  • Cayden Adyr

Team 4

  • Akeelah D'Sena
  • Avaris Torrin
  • Luna Walker


Explanation: Every team has received a PADD with ONE Task on it. The Task they start with. All other tasks are not on the PADD. That way the teams start on different tasks and that makes it easier to not be influenced by each other, and it is less crowded. When your team has finished a task, just choose the next one. The tasks do not have to happen in any particular order, pick whatever you would like to happen next.

For everything counts: There are no right or wrong answers. Important is that you work in a team!

Task 1

Started by Team 1
Clue: Find the one to quench your thirst, with ridges on his nose. The prophets will lead your way.

OOC Comment
Once you find the person, and let him know that you are on a scavenger hunt, they will show you 5 bottles of drinks. They are all the "best". One might have best in the name, another might have won first prize in some drinks competition etc. You can make that up btw and they can change from team to team. You will have to decide which is the best drink in the galaxy. Once you have determined your 'best', you will get a bottle of that drink, on the bottom of it, you will find a note with your next clue. ( Choose your next task from the list, that will be the clue )

The first team completed the task by visiting Veden Varasti a bar on the main promenade run by the Bajoran Triak Antos. They were presented with five drinks including Saurian brandy, Risian wine and Cardassian ale. Selecting the brandy, they were presented with a fresh bottle for their efforts.

Task 2

Started by Team 2
Clue: Listen to the tune, made by people's hands, it will lead you to your task.

OOC Comment
Once you find that location and let the organizer of the activity know that you are on the scavenger hunt, each of you will receive an instrument. Your task is to compose a short piece of music, make it sound nice. You are allowed to shuffle the instruments you get among each other. It does not have to be a master piece, but it should sound like a team effort. The organizer will be able to help you with how to use them, if your team mates don't know. Once you are done, you will receive a memory crystal with a recording of your piece and a note with your next clue. ( Choose your next task from the list, that will be the clue )

The first team to attempt this task found their way to The Night Garden park in the entertainment area of the Promenade. The owner, Lillian Havnor, presented them with three instruments which required them to use their hands. A Risian lute, a Caitian viola and a Klingon accordion.

Task 3

Started by Team 3
Clue: Art does not always mean to take a brush or cut the stone. It can mean to take a material and shape it to your will. Put your hands together to craft.

OOC Comment
Once you find the activity, let the leader know that you are in a scavenger hunt. You will receive a piece of clay or similar material, and your task will be to craft something together. Come to a decision what it should depict, how you want to do it and who is doing what. Remember it has to be teamwork, everyone has to do a part. When you are done, your piece will be fired and later sent to the Apollo so the bridge officer knows that you completed this task. Until then you will receive a note with the next clue. ( Choose your next task from the list, that will be the clue )

The first team to attempt this task visited I'Vish in the Vulcan quarter where they sculpted a tree from clay, each member adding their own unique branch to the model.

Task 4

Started by Team 4

Clue 1: Blackened fish and jambalaya went through hands of the one touched by the prophets; find a compatriot. Clue 2: Some like it hot, lets see what you've got.

OOC Comment
Team four found themselves in the New Orleans neighbourhood and the South Bayou 118 restaurant. Finding the second clue there they were presented with a hot Terran pepper each and tasked with keeping the spicy fruit in their mouth for at least 3 minutes.

Task 5

Clue: Come one come all, reach up high. Without support, you will fall, will you have the nerve to perform?

OOC Comment
This task has not been specified. It will give you some freedom for your own creativity on what else could be done on the station including the festival for this exercise. The rules are the same as for any other task. Do it in a team! If there are more then 2 ideas for these tasks, it is possible that every team has different tasks 4 and 5. Be creative and have fun :) When the task is completed, you will receive a souvenir as 'proof' and a note to your next clue. ( Choose your next task from the list, that will be the clue )


Once your team has completed all 5 tasks, bring your proof souvenirs to the Apollo bridge. Your fired artwork will be delivered there. First team that completes its hunt will receive a prize, to be disclosed upon completion.