USS Apollo-A/Scavenger hunt 2395

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USS Apollo-A Scavenger Hunt 2395

This is a team-building exercise utilizing the various species of the Delta Quadrant to familiarise the new crew of the Apollo as well as help to get them to know each other better.


Team 1

  • Renos
  • Daniel Cain
  • Morin

Team 2

  • Gogigobo Fairhug
  • Kael Thomas
  • Dante Termine

Team 3

  • E'riQ
  • Davine D'fini
  • Bran Maro

Team 4

  • Ruq'orb
  • Conrad Adler
  • Malko


Explanation: Every team has received a slip with ONE clue on it. The teams must decipher their clues and complete a task relating to a particular Delta Quadrant species in order to complete the hunt.

For everything counts: There are no right or wrong answers. Important is that you work in a team!

Task 1

Started by Team 1
Clue: From the spot to gather, seek out those who always have a meal, and story to share.

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Task 2

Started by Team 2
Clue: You must adapt to stay alive, seek perfection from the hive.

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Task 3

Started by Team 3
Clue: In the hunt don't go astray, always focus on the prey.

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Task 4

Started by Team 4
Clue: A common ancestor to Terrans - so say the tales, now take these rites and show your true scales.

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