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Design and Development

The USS Achilles is the prototype vessel of the Achilles Class starships, built and used by the Federation's Starfleet. The Achilles itself has the Thetis AI control system, not present on other ships of its class.

The keel of the USS Achilles, the ship that Thetis is integrated into, was laid at the Procyon Fleetyards. Her navigation and drive systems were finished there, then she was moved, under heavy escort, to the Utopia Planetia Fleetyards orbiting Sol IV (Mars), where the rest of her systems, including the AI, were subsiquently installed.

While extremely successful during the war and finished out shortly afterward, problems between her commanding officers and the Thetis system, however, resulted in the ship having 5 COs within a year, then being drydocked, unused, at Procyon for nearly six more.

Starfleet Command found a commander that was willing to try out the ship, however, in Fleet Captain Adler Wong-Aquiss. The first mission of the two was successful, evacuating a colony before the planet tore itself apart from internal seismic pressure. The second mission was to stop a defecting Starfleet Admiral from reaching Romulan space; the Nemesis was intercepted and destroyed by 5 Norexean-class Warbirds, though she destroyed 2 and crippled two additional ships from the Romulan force.

Despite the report of the ship's destruction by her former Commanding Officer, which was corroborated by numerous other members of the crew and Romulan sensor data, an unknown Achilles-class ship has been seen in the Ithassa region in recent months. Gorn sensor data shows the ship's registry as the USS Achilles, but this has not been confirmed by any specific Federation sources.