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Bylaws of the UFOP Constitution

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Bylaw 9: First Officers

  1. Appointment and Replacement of the First Officer: The appointment and replacement of a ship's First Officer is left to the sole discretion of the ship's Commanding Officer, as long as the following qualifications are met: said Commanding Officer officially holds the rank of commander or above and has been recognized by the Executive Council as being the commanding officer of said vessel, and the First Officer chosen satisfies the minimum requirements for appointment described hereafter.
    1. Upon selecting an eligible First Officer, the ship's Commanding Officer must officially notify the Executive Council within 72 hours using the appropriate form.
  2. Minimum Requirements for Appointment as First Officer: For an officer to be eligible for appointment to the position of First Officer, the officer must satisfy the following criteria:
    1. The officer has been an active member in good standing for a minimum of nine months since graduating from the Academy, OR;
    2. The officer has been an active member in good standing for a minimum of six months since graduating from the Academy AND has received credit for two training sessions in the Academy as First Officer.
  3. First Officer’s Place in the Chain of Command: The First Officer of a ship–who has been appointed by his or her Commanding Officer in accordance with the minimum requirements above–is recognized by the Executive Council as the ship’s second-in-command, with the rights, responsibilities, and authority so accorded. Except for the ship’s Commanding Officer, no other officer assigned to that ship shall hold higher authority than the ship’s First Officer regarding ship matters, whether in-character or out-of-character.

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