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Bylaws of the UFOP Constitution

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Constitution Bylaws

The supreme law of our group is the Constitution (CON). However, this document is very general in nature – it has to be, as the CON needs to be applicable to a very wide range of issues and will need to be effective both now and in the future. For this reason, the CON is supported by a number of other documents. Bylaws are just as binding on every member, irrelevant of rank, as the Constitution itself. They are designed to supplement Constitution by way of further explicating the most important sections.

As specified by Article VI, bylaws are passed by the Executive Council (EC). Apart from Bylaw 1, which was passed before the CON came into effect, all bylaws show an index number e.g. EC2378-02. This index number refers to the EC vote index (see Bylaw 3 for more information).

Bylaw 1: Command of Ships

Bylaw 2: Promotion of Command Officers

Bylaw 3: Voting Procedure for the Executive and Captains Councils

Bylaw 4: Concerning the Introduction of New Races into Group Canon

Bylaw 5: Leaving and Returning Members

Bylaw 6: Monthly Reporting

Bylaw 7: Membership of the Captains Council

Bylaw 8: Decommissioning of Vessels and Discipline of Captains

Bylaw 9: First Officers

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