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Article IX: Administration of the UFOP

  1. From time to time, the EC may vote to expand any reserved function to include the meaningful participation and affectation by voting of the CC if it so desires. If this shall occur, then the CC and the EC shall all have one vote and the matter shall be resolved by a majority of 51% or greater.
  2. The EC shall do this when and if, in its discretion, it feels that reasons of administration, fairness, comity, intellectual freedom or other concerns mitigate in favor of a more expansive voting treatment of any issue reserved to the EC.
  3. The CC may likewise ask for the formal participation of the EC members in any vote concerning a reserved function. If this be the case, however, then the EC shall not have the power to veto the outcome of that vote if the EC by majority vote agrees to participate in the vote of the CC on that matter or question.
  4. Either the EC or the CC may ask the other council for an “advisory vote” which shall have no binding effect but shall have persuasive effect and which vote shall be generated and conducted in all matters identically with formal votes.
  5. Committees and Officers in Charge. Depending on which body is exercising its power and subject to any veto by the EC, either the CC or the EC may create and staff committees, subcommittees and “offices in charge” of various matters. These committees shall be chartered to exist for either: a set period of time, indefinitely or until a certain task is completed. They may then be dissolved or placed on an inactive list of committees. The committee may also be continued as the need arises and at the discretion of the enabling body. These committees and officers in charge shall include but shall not be limited to the following subjects and/or matters:
    1. Training (continuing);
    2. Awards ceremonies (continuing);
    3. Special events and functions;
    4. Public interaction and web management;
    5. Website construction and maintenance;
    6. Newsletter construction and maintenance;
    7. Investigative committees (to recommend changes to bylaws, to the CONSTITUTION, to Rules and Regulations or to any other matter);
    8. Addressing any special concern (lateral transfer of an officer from a ship from a different organization, chaperoning or shepherding junior officers who have no mentor, etc., lateral admission of a new vessel, etc.);
    9. Promotion testing;
    10. UFOP Records (continuing).
  6. Promotions. Promotions (as opposed to demotions in conjunction with discipline) are the sole discretion of the promoting authority subject to special rules and considerations as hereafter follow:
    1. Promotion up to the rank of Lt. Commander shall be at the sole discretion of the command officer in charge of the vessel or installation, if the vessel commander is a full commander or a captain. If the vessel commander is in extraordinary circumstances a Lt. Commander, the Lt. Commander shall not have the power to promote others above the rank of Lt.
    2. Promotion to the rank of Full Commander shall be accomplished in the following manner:
      1. The Lt. Commander shall be formally proposed to the testing officer or committee which shall accept the proffer unless it appears there is good cause to refuse (in which case the proffered officer and proffering officer shall have the right to call for a majority vote of the CC to sustain or overrule the refused proffer;
      2. The Lt. Commander shall sit for the exam in an expeditious time and manner via email;
      3. The Lt. Commander shall pass a “Kobiashi-Maru” or some similar or like scenario, the conduct and evaluation of which is at the sole discretion of the proffering officer and;
      4. The Lt. Commander shall be promoted officially.
    3. Promotion to the rank of Captain shall be accomplished in the following manner:
      1. The candidate shall be proffered by any captain to the EC or any member, the refusal of such proffer being resolved substantially as related above except that it shall be accomplished by the EC;
      2. The candidate shall sit for the exam in an expeditious time and manner via email;
      3. The candidate shall pass a “Kobayashi Maru” scenario or such other character and fitness review as may be required by the EC and administered by the EC or by a sitting captain, the evaluation of which is left to the sole discretion of the administering authority;
      4. The candidate shall be promoted officially.
    4. Promotion to the rank of Fleet Captain, Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral or Admiral shall be accomplished in the following manner:
      1. The candidate shall be proffered by any flag officer of equal rank (to the candidate’s current rank) or above to the EC;
      2. The EC shall convene a vote to decide the matter;
      3. The candidate shall be promoted officially.

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