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Article IV: Amendments

  1. This CONSTITUTION shall be amended only in the following manner and in no other.
  2. A call for an amendment shall be deemed raised when made to any officer of captain rank or above who shall learn of such a request, in whatever manner. Said officer shall in turn inform the EC (Executive Council) in writing of the nature of the request. Such notice shall be deemed to have taken place if passed to an acting EC member if not to the entire committee.
  3. When such a request has been made to the EC, it shall, within 72 hours and barring extraordinary emergency affecting a majority of its members, propose the matter for formal discussion amongst it’s membership for a period not to exceed 21 calendar days. The EC shall then vote on the matter.
  4. Before such vote takes place, the EC shall by any procedure it deems appropriate assure itself that, irrespective of comments received, at least three fifths of its membership have either commented or had the opportunity to comment by having received and acknowledged notice of the discussion. If fewer than three fifths of the EC have not thus debated or given written notice of their declination to do so, the 21 day time period shall not begin until three fifths can so assemble via electronic mail and remain so for the requisite time period.
  5. At the close of the above period, a vote shall take place. The amendment shall advance if four fifths of its membership shall favorably vote. The form of the proposed amendment shall be as closely related to the raised request as practicable and as enlarged or modified by discussion in the EC.
  6. If the vote passes the amendment, the matter shall proceed to a vote by the assembled captains and full commanders, which vote shall take place as soon as is practicable after the vote passes the EC but shall commence in no event later than 60 days from the entry and recordation of the EC vote. The vote shall be deemed a full vote if at least four fifths of the said captains and full commanders shall register their votes after receiving effective notice of the amendment vote by the end of the voting period.
  7. The amendment shall be deemed fully passed if it shall be favorably voted upon by four fifths of the voting total of captains and full commanders. If it shall not so pass, the amendment shall be deemed voted down.
  8. In no event shall an amendment have official effect unless and until it is passed by the procedure above. It shall not apply to events or acts which took place prior to its enactment.

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