UET: United Empire's of Threa'ya

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UET Logo.png


  • Major Species: Threan
  • Location: Eagle Nebula
  • Area: Roughly 115 Light Years
  • Population: 11.2 billion
  • Worlds: 65
  • Sovereignty: 2295
  • Capital: Hurudan, Threa'ya
  • Government: The United Empires World Government
  • Chief of State: Nara Meyo (Empress)
  • Head of Government: The Council of Eight
  • Legislature: The Council of Eighty
  • Military: The UETAF and UETDF
  • Currency: UET Standard Credit, UET Military Credit.
  • Language: Famana (Threan)
Official UET Flag

“We desire peace! We know war well. They will learn of our might! We will war until peace is restored! - Empress Nara Meyo, addressing the people on the day of the declaration of war on the Qiz'rith, 229601.01”


United Empires of Threa'ya Assault Force

The UETAF is the umbrella title for the Threan military branches that engage in such activities as: Espionage, Frontline assault, Holding Siege, Tactical assault, Assassination, and the Advancement/Invasion into enemy territory.

United Empires of Threa'ya Defense Force

The UETDF is the umbrella title for the Threan military branches that engage in activities such as: Cyber Defense and Attacks, Support line duty, Priorities and resources defense, Military policing, Search and Rescue operations, Medical Treatment, Military Resupply, Arms and Heavy equipment repair, and Military Research.

UET Vessels