Type 26 Scout Ship

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Romulan Type 26 Scout Ship Previous Only Known Image

History Prior to 2400

Before the arrival of this class of ship to StarBase118 in mid-2400[1], the only known information on this class of vessel was a long range image that showed little more than a grainy outline of the shape. It was presumed to be a Tal Shiar ship used to test new technology for their scouting efforts during the expansion of the Free State post-Hobus. Starfleet Intelligence designated the ship the Type 26 until further information is obtained.

Current Imaging of Type 26 Scout Ship

Current History

The establishment of a joint colony between the Romulan Free State and the Romulan Republic on New Scotland included and orbital security detachment. The flagship of that detachment was the Vastam Kaleh commanded by recently reinstated Free State officer Commander Talar R'Mor. Initial scans of the ship seemed to show nothing out of the ordinary. Power was still by use of a Quantum Singularity Drive and no new information on its cloaking device has been learned at this time. Visual assessment shows the ship to have two small shuttle bays, two forward facing torpedo launchers, and four forward facing disruptor canons.

Othrographic Images From Recent Scans