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Command Reviews

Tya went to Officer's school in Academy, because it was required by her status. As Cadet she showed no leadership abilities and command record was mediocre to bad, but she was showing some promise and assessment was that good CO may train her into a good Commanding Officer with time.


Include Captain Riley's assessment here.


Not yet, lol.

Medical Records

Tya arrived from Starfleet Academy with clean bill of medical record, all the injuries she had before were completely healed and she recuperated from the surgeries completely.


In this section, you could give, in the words of a StarFleet Doctor, a "recent" assessment of the officer's health.


  • 239008.14 - Tya started aboard the Tiger-A being treated by Captain Riley for some bruising on the lungs which caused breathing pain and cuts and bruises on the hand and back.

Psychological Profile

Tya is antithesis of expressions and emotions and only Betazoids will ever be able to know how and what she really feels. You will always see her with wide smile and a smile that is not just a plastic cramp on her mouth she is always smiling with her whole face, looking like the happiest person in the universe no matter how she feels.

Tya is deeply emotional person. She can't stand the injustice and she will fight it without regards for her good or her security. Injustice to her will hurt her, but injustice done to the others even more.

Tya is very honest and open as all Betazoids are and has a hard time understanding people who has a need to think one thing and say another. She was trying to learn the "technique" during her Diplomatic training and when is deeply concentrated she can even do that. Tya knows the concept of white lies and how they can be sometimes needed for the good of of some people's mental health.

Tya is deeply spiritual, as a whole house. She will always rather meditate and pray than to ask for help from Counselors.


In this section, you could give, in the words of a StarFleet Counselor, a "recent" assessment of the officer's mental health.


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Telepathic Status

Tya is Betazoid Lady from the Tenth house; houses were always looking to grow their powers weather through marriage or training. Her powers are still growing, but she received full mental training, with addition of some battle techniques. Still she also gave an Oath of Sentience and without direct order from her Captain, she will never directly read anyone's thoughts and rarely will do active scan of anyone's emotions without need or order. That is completely different in dealing with Betazoids or other telepathic races with whom she will always prefer to communicate telepathically, because it is always more truthful.


Start with an introduction to the previous assignments. Is it a long history, or short? (Obviously, the higher in rank you are, the longer it'll be.)

USS Farragut

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