Twilight Reliquary (Athena)

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People of Note

  • Doctor Kavlin Basai - Laudean archeologist specialization in Ancient Sciences.
  • Grand Ardux Ukavor - Sigariun Diplomat, Leader of the Sruk Tribe.
  • Commander Sundassa Faranster - The Prime Universe version of Captain Selene Faranfey, the USS Athena's Captain. She poses as Selene's younger sister except to those who know the truth.
  • Pavi Befea - Member of the Sentinels of the Black who kidnapped Dr. Basai also now Intelligence Operative within the Sentinals.

Notable Information

Mission Synopsis

Phase 1

The USS Athena headed into the Gamma Quadrant only to put themselves in orbit around Sigarus III. Their mission as issued to them by Starfleet Command was to investigate mysterious symbols on the interior of Temple walls with potential ties to a dreaded Federation enemy. Captain Faranfey was selected for this mission because of her unique background and experience.

The Captain sent down a team to investigate the Temple and establish communications with the leader of the Sruk Tribe, Ardus Ukavor. The away team had a sit down dinner with Ukavor and managed to negotiate their way into the Temple. Upon leaving the dinner a Marine unit was put on standby and the Captain was given an update. The team proceeded into the jungle and upon arrival at the Temple, the team was shot at by automated defenses, injuring the medical officer. The communication between the ship and the ground team was cut off by something in the Temple. With the Medical officer out of commission, the ground team split up so half the team could turn off the defenses and the other half could stay with the injured officer. The Sentinals kidnapped Dr. Basai from a trench after he fled from the automated defenses of the Temple of the Small Moon. With the researcher gone, the USS Athena sent down a shuttle with reinforcements to help look for him. The ground team was able to recapture Basai briefly but he was quickly recaptured by the Sentinels after which point the ground team got a call from the Captain that changed their mission objective. Following the change in mission objective the ground team split into two groups, one to guard to the shuttle and the other to complete the mission. The Sentinels at this point declared open season on the ground team and started firing at them. At this point, the ground team was badly injured split further and tried to save the mission and themselves.

Phase 2

The Ship has been having adventures of its own with a daunting message that claims to have been recorded by the Captain’s little sister on some future Stardate. That being backed by an Intelligence officer with loose lips has everyone on edge. Vital signs indicating trouble on the surface but no communication from the ground team had the ship worried enough to put together a second team to send down to the planet with a shuttle. Also the ship was suffering at the hands of a potential saboteur, and that was not helping to ease the Captain’s worry that her ship and her crew were in danger.

On the ship, a team was dispatched to locate Chief Science Officer Talia Kaji as it’s believed her children were in danger. A bomb was detonated on deck 20 blowing apart the science labs, and Kaji and her kids were saved. The holographic AI from the temple known as the Warden had made contact with the Captain while she was posing as her younger sister and it was that conversation that triggered the change in the ground team’s mission objective. The Captain and her little sister came up with a plan designed to fool the sentinels and they spent the entire mission posing as each other.As the mission is now over, they have since returned to their usual roles only this time Sundassa posed as a Captain and is being kept out of sight until they can give a reasonable explanation for her return since she was temporarily stored in a transporter buffer.