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The Shoals
No starships >2,000,000 metric tons Maximum speed limit of warp 5 Quantum slipstream inoperable

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Origin of the Name

The name Tusurn originates within the language of the Fevalen, a species that lives just outside of the Shoals. It means Glorious Defiance. This may seem to be an illogical choice as originally there were no Fevalen in the organization, just Federation colonists who were protesting peacefully the corruption within the central and individual planetary governments of the Colonial Coalition . However the term was well known and seemed to be the perfect description of their motives.


The Tusurn are the largest terrorist organization that operates within the Shoals. They have only been active within the last 63 years and while they were originally founded in order to peacefully fight corruption within the Colonial Coalition it has slowly evolved into a much more violent and extremely radical group that seems more interested in destroying things and causing as much chaos as possible.

In fact over the last dozen years or so they has started to use suicide bombers to strike at high profile targets or social gatherings. This has resulted in a backlash against the Juk'Iia who seem to have been the majority of these activists. The result has caused even more of them to join the Tusurn as a way of striking back while getting some loot.

Current Status

At this time they operate in the Alpha Quadrant in the Shoals. Recently they have gone quiet but in the past they have been very active on a number of different worlds within the Shoals.

Known Members

They recruit from a number of different sources with the Fevalen providing almost 1/3 of their more violent and dangerous extremists. Surprisingly almost 1/3 of their members come from the Juk'Iia who tend to be completely uninterested in political ideas or even the cause itself. The reasons for this are simple, many of them see it as a easy life of little work and that there should be lots of opportunities to pick up anything not nailed down while they are causing a little mischief.


Currently they are not affiliated with any other organization. They have violently repulsed a few overtures of alliance from the Orion Syndicate and the Kos'karii.