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Falling in and out of Love

Heath and Toni
  • Major Heath West, the owner and bartender of Mission Control and Marine Major, had become an important part of Toni's life. The growth of their relationship was not easy. They both have had experiences that had a great impact on the way they reacted to each other, but since they have overcome most of the difficulties, their relationship became one of mutual respect, and perhaps with time the chemistry that they share will become more than they dreamed possible.
  • 238405.29 As time progressed, so did their relationship. They found comfort in being around each other, and in each other's arms.
  • 238409.14 Became engaged to Captain Heath West, SFMC Diplomatic Corps. Soon afterward Heath was promoted to Major and XO of the Challenger Marines.
  • 238507.15 Heath and Toni were married Kerelian-style just prior to a Borg Attack.
  • 238507.20 Heath disappeared presumably MIA.
  • 238508.15 Heath is listed MIA presumed dead.
  • 238511.24 Not beleiveing that Heath was dead, and trying her best to cope with child who was grieving for her father, Toni was finding it difficult to sleep. To help her rest, 1st Lt. Brikk Wallace, one of Heath's men assigned to look after her and Vee, brought a bottle of Scotch to help her sleep.. She invited him to have a drink. And the next morning she awakened to an empty bottle and Brikk beside her. Unfortunately, she conceived a child.
  • 238601.15 Heath returned but was promptly transferred to the USS Steadfast and then to Starbase 118 Ops.
  • 238605.15 Miscarried
  • 238605.26 Assigned to the USS Resolution as Commanding officer
  • 238606.06 Heath and Toni Reconcile when he spends his shore leave on the Resolution.
  • 238509.01 Heath is assigned to the Resolution and after 1 1/2 years the couple is reunited as man and wife.
  • 238610.21 Both Heath and Toni assigned to the USS Constitution.
  • 238707.23 When Toni was transferred to the USS Ronin as Commanding Officer, Heath was on assignment and MIA again, she had to leave without knowing if he had survived. Taking Vee and their newly born son, Garth, Toni soon thereafter found out that Heath was presumed dead. This time, unable to overcome the facts, and for the sake of the children and her sanity, Toni accepted his death, and picked up her life as his young widow.

Background: Heath was on a covert mission to infiltrate the Scarlet Brotherhood's stronghold. Communications with his ship were non-existent, and while he was gone, Toni realized she may have held back her true feelings for him much too long.

::Curling up on one of the beds in a darkened corner, she lay in the quiet, listening for what she hoped would be the echos of his voice left within the walls, wanting to hear those pure tenor tones she had come to cherish...but there was only silence.::

::Closing her eyes, she tried to summon his voice from the recesses of her mind, and for an instant, she heard his laughter and envisioned that same mischievous grin that came with his boyish amusement. She smiled, hoping the vision would not disappear. She heard him call her name, and in her mind she ran to him, longing to be enfolded in his arms, and when she was, tears of happiness dripped from her eyes as she told him what she had been so afraid to tell him from the start... the one thing she had regretted not having said before he had left... the words she had withheld.::

:: At first they came as a whisper, I love you, Heath, then louder as she held the sides of his face and showered him with quick kisses, I love you, Heath. ::

Love and Tenderness

((The Fearless))

JP by Heath West and LtCmdr Toni Turner

::After eating dinner, Heath and Toni went back to the Bridge to spend some quiet time. For the next few hours they spoke of their hopes and dreams, talked of past experiences, and laughed at each other's jokes, but all the while the fact that they were completely alone was foremost in their minds.::

::Watching the stars before them, they were lulled into quietness, each of them lost in the secrets they had withheld for months. Finally, Heath stood, taking Toni's hand in his, giving her a look that hinted his thoughts. She stood, and without a word, let him lead her to the Captain's quarters.::

::As Heath closed the door, sealing them in the room alone, Toni was filled with many contradicting emotions - more than she could count or understand, and impossible to describe. The heart of the matter was that she loved him, and wanted to please him in every way, but had doubts that she could equally arouse the feelings of desire in him, that he had invoke within her every time her eyes fell on him... every time he uttered a word... his every smile... his every breath. She could not deny that her very existence was now centered by his presence in her life.::

::As he turned and moved toward her, she was filled with the anticipation of his touch. She wanted his lips to caress hers. She wanted to feel him arouse every yearning, and take them to the pentacle of passion. Yet, she turned away, pretending to inspect their surroundings.::

Turner: ::nervously:: Nice cabin, the furnishings look. . . very comfortable. ::moving to look closer at the artwork on the wall:: I absolutely love this painting, don't you?

::Heath couldn't help lifting that eyebrow of his as he moved toward her back, his hands curving over her shoulders and his lips touched the side of her neck. She was nervous though why he couldn't tell. She'd been alone with him a hundred times over but now... He slipped his arms around her waist and cuddled her back to his chest, peering over her crown to see the painting.::

West: Very... Arty...

::He couldn't tell her that he wanted to show her he loved her, where words weren't needed. He couldn't just come right out and say it, she'd probably smack him. He chewed the inside of his cheek as his head cocked to one side to look at the painting; why had she chosen a painting to look at? She'd admired the 'comfortable' furniture...::

::With Heath so near.. holding her so close.. a quivering started deep within her. Not a nervous shaking, but one that told her she was where she was meant to be.::

Turner: ::turning to face him:: Heath...

::She stopped, afraid to put her feelings into words. Would he lose respect for her, if she simply stated she wanted him and could no longer wait to feel the closeness of his love? ::

::His mouth refused to form syllabic words but instead his eyes drifted from her eyes to her lips. Slowly, he leant down, capturing her lips with his. Such a sweet kiss had never felt so awakening.::

::She closed her eyes. Her lips parted slightly, and the weakness of desire gripped her soul. She now knew she didn't have to tell him, nor did he need to tell her that they were on the verge of taking their relationship to new heights. ::

::Heath felt the change; the simultaneous change between them, relaxing and flowing together, close, hands finding each other as they shared the warm deep kiss which thrilled and excited him, sending shivers down his spine.::

::Her body seemed to mold into a perfect fit with his, and an urgency began to grow. She stepped back, almost paling, her eyes smokey slits as she gazed at him, then as suddenly as she had moved away, she moved eagerly forward to kiss him again.::

::His familiar smile didn't appear, instead it was replaced by Toni's lips, caressing and stroking his own into a frenzy. She'd had patience with him, she'd waited until he was ready to commit this fully to a relationship again. His palm found her cheek, his thumb brushing along the side of her cheekbone and his fingers resting below her ear. As she pulled back again, he did the same until they were a mere inch away from one another, breath falling upon one another and their eyes connecting, a look of urgent desperation, of need and desire reflecting back. He wasn't even sure if he spoke but he felt the words fall from his mouth.::

West: ::quietly:: I love you.

Turner: ::she stepped back, whispering breathlessly:: And I love you with all my heart.

::She held her arms out to him. He instantly broke his resolve and surveyed her body, then searching her eyes, he found his unasked question answered. He rushed to her waiting arms, knowing she was ready to love and be loved. Words were unnecessary. They were of one mind, valuing each embrace and sharing the passion of each tender kiss. In rare smoothness of motion, they bared themselves to each other. They caressed, almost reverently, as their fevered lips fed the flames between them. Time, and time again, the beauty and purity of their ritual brought fulfillment, and just before dawn their tender passions joined in a union of completeness, fearlessly sharing, at last, all the love they held within them.::