Turc Brakur/Counselors report

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Starfleet Medical Counseling Division

Dr. Jayson Tebs, MD

Stardate: 238704.01

Report on LTCMDR Turc Brakur, COS USS Challenger NCC-12886-A

Re: Energy being encounter

Status: Fit for duty, recommended future sessions

Telepathic status: Unchanged

Empathic status: Shift E0 to E6

Begin Report

LTCMDR Brakur suffered from an unwanted intrusion by an alien energy being which resulted in the permanent merger of the two. Brakur appears to be the dominant personality, the being known hereafter as Adam is only able to communicate through the commander, and then only what Brakur allows. Brakur is in full control of his body. He initially presented anger issues and PTSD. He was very angry over the forced change to his body, which is connected to his PTSD. Initial counseling has been conducted to begin the process of working through his issues and it is the recommendation of this counselor that he continue seeing a counselor.

An interesting side effect of LTCMDR Brakurs experience is his uncanny ability to read people. His empathic ability has been enhanced to E6 and his enhanced vision allows him to see changes in energy, including body heat changes and neural firing activity. This was demonstrated most notably when he described to me my emotional reaction to him upon our first meeting.

End report