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Lieutenant JG Tulosten is currently serving as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Gorkon

USS Gorkon
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
DS9style-blank gold.png
Position Engineer
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species Klingon
Gender Male
DOB 236012.11
Age 40
Birthplace N’Kav Colony, Klingon Empire
Writer ID V239107TZ0
Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

Awards General 1Year.jpg

1-year Member

Badge 1.png

Personal Profile


  • Height: 1.87 Metres
  • Weight: 89kg
  • Hair: Black, currently shoulder length and worn in a tight pony tail or loose.
  • Facial Hair: Black neat trimmed bread and moustache
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Muscular
  • Handed: Right
  • Distinguishing Features: Scar running above left eyebrow.


  • Klingon House: None
  • Family: Teenage daughter, living on Vulcan with her mother.


  • Highly suspicious of strangers, believing that trust needs to be earned.
  • Has a strong belief in comradery and believes that alcohol & music should be in abundance to improve it.
  • Takes delight his shipmates laugh, though his humour can be too brash and vulgar for some.
  • Uses meditation as tool for self-reflection and guidance from Kahless.
  • Always gives his superior officers a loud salute and since meaning Lt. Sera zh'Aella, gives the same honour to his Starfleet allies.


  • His background and lack of a house caused him to become fixated on gaining glory for himself and proving himself as a warrior.
  • Occasionally finds it difficult to balance his lust for glory with the honour of duty.
  • His lack of a house also caused him to draw his ideals from the high standards set by legendary Klingon warriors and officers.
  • Since meeting the Starfleet Exchange officer, he slightly more open to alternative paths of personal honour. And has even done some, very discrete, reading on the accolades on the Klingons who have served in Starfleet.
  • He has some resentment towards Klingons from Great Houses.
  • Wants to ensure that his daughters live was better than his, which is why he keeps her at a distance while serving with the KDF. While he wishes she would learn more Klingon ways, he is incredible proud of her.
  • Whenever Tulosten is granted leave, he takes it on Vulcan to visit his daughter.


Tulosten is not a member of a great house and his family’s history is unremarkable as he was born on a poor colony very little infrastructure on the outskirts of the Klingon Empire. The N’Kav colony it was considered worthless to all but the farmers who inhabited it. Despite this, his family had called poor colony their home for generations as both farmers and hunters.

As a child he was taught the skills of bow hunting and excelled, thriving on the challenge of tracking pray over a long distance and the thrill of the final encounter. He was also learned the principles of farming, but he did so with much less enthusiasm and these instructions were often hindered by his constant complaining. The nights he spent reading old books which had been passed down from his grandparents and while the pages of the books were tattered, the stories of the Klingon greats that they contained inspired Tulosten and fuelled his dreams of glory and duty to the empire.

Knowing that he wanted more glory than that a hunter or farmer, Tulosten left the colony as soon as he reached adulthood and began applying for service on KDF ships but without a house or patronage Tulosten’s applications was rejected each time. While he continued to apply to KDF ships, Tulosten was only able to get work menial work on the system’s decrepit space port. Despite hating that he was reduced to tasks which not fit for an aspiring Klingon warrior, he forced himself to learn the basics of system maintenance while to worked on the dilapidated station hoping that the knowledge would improve his chances of joining the KDF. His luck seemed to have changed when the IKS Gre’Thor docked on the station after returning from a mission against the Tholian. Having sustained heavy casualties during the mission his application to join the crew as and the KDF was accepted.

KDF Career

Klingon Empire.png Brel.jpg

However his first mission aboard the warship was not one that he expected. Instead of receiving duties fit for a young and over eager warrior he was assigned as the honour guard to a visiting low level Federation diplomat, a Vulcan named T’Liana. Initially his duty amounted to standing in silence outside of the Vulcan’s sleeping compartment or in a corner of the room she occupied during the day while the Vulcan did some task on her personal terminal. He spent the first week of this duty in relative silence and utter boredom which only changed after watching her play chess against, and beat, the ship’s computer. Intrigued by the strategy game he politely inquired to the rules and instead of a brief explanation, he proceeded to receive extensive instruction on the rules and strategy of the game. Apparently T’Liana had been as bored as him and threw herself into the task of teaching an eager student the game. Slowly their relationship developed into a mentor student dynamic regarding not only chess, but classical literature and historic battles. The latter of which caused them to stay up late each night with Tulosten asking questions of long dead Starfleet Captains and Admirals battle plans. No longer were his hours with the Vulcan boring, instead he was receiving an introduction to in subjects that interested him and ideas that challenged him.

It was near the end of T’Liana’s stay that she came down with a fever. Initially Tulosten feared that she had indeed been victim of an assassination attempt by poising but was assured by her that it was Pon Farr, though many months earlier than she had anticipated. After being advised that there was no Holodeck on the Gre’Thor, she discreetly asked for Tulosten’s assistance in the matter. After having what was involved in the ‘assistance’ explained to him, Tulosten nervously agreed. No romantic relationship followed but they share a teenage daughter as a result of the event and have continued correspondence, with Tulosten asking guidance from her at various stages of his career.

Tulosten’s following missions were of more standard duties he quickly rose to the position of Sergeant after demonstrating his bravery and cunning during a boarding action on a Gorn cruiser. Unfortunately his progression halted at this rank for many years as he was unable to catch the eye of his superiors. He only broke into the Officer ranks after a disastrous away mission on a Talarian outpost were many of his fellow warriors died without inflicting many casualties in return, upon returning to the Gre’Thor he public challenged his superior officer to a duel after announcing that the officer was guilty of dereliction of duty. Despite taking an early D'ktahg slash to his face Tulosten was victorious in the duel, Tulosten has since kept the scar which he gained during the duel.

Despite his some lingering suspicion of the Empire’s main ally, and his dislike for the officer, he served under Starfleet exchange officer Lieutenant Sera zh'Aella and participated in the rescue of Starfleet personal from Orion Pirates. He was able to distinguish himself in the subsequent battle which arose from the retaliation strike by the remaining Orions. The mission has left a lasting hatred for the Orion’s in Tulosten’s mind and a grudging respect for Starfleet. Before Lieutenant Sera zh'Aella’s departure from the Gre’Thor, Tulosten was able to expressed this to her and even enquired into the possibility of mating with the Andorian, to his surprise that offer was declined.

Tulosten was promoted to the Gre’Thor’s senior staff after the Starfleet rescue and received additional training in Engineering as this was the area where the Gre’Thor had suffered exceptionally high losses. He has grown to enjoy his engineering role but still longs for combat.

Officer Exchange Program

USS Gorkon-logo.png Sovereign-scale.png
USS GorkonSovereign class

On Stardate 239703.23 Tulosten was assigned to the USS Gorkon, as part of the KDF – Starfleet Officer Exchange Program.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Warrior-Klingon.png Warrior 237903.09 - 237906.02 IKS Gre’Thor Honour Guard
Warrior-Klingon.png Warrior 237906.02 - 238105.13 IKS Gre’Thor Assault Warrior
Sergeant-Klingon.png Sergeant 238105.13 - 239010.20 IKS Gre’Thor Assault Leader
Lieutenant-Klingon.png Lieutenant 239010.20 - 239703.23 IKS Gre’Thor Engineering Officer
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239703.23 - Present USS Gorkon Engineering Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239406.06
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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