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On the surface, Tu'Peq is the prototypical Vulcan: emotionally detached and logical beyond reproach, but peal back the logical veneer and one finds a much more complicated person. Ever since childhood, Tu'Peq has struggled to control his emotions and no matter what he tries, he hasn't been able to fully quiet the storm that brews just beneath the surface. Tu'Peq understood the benefits of leading a logical life on an intellectual level; he has experienced first-hand the manner of person that a Vulcan fully embracing his emotions can be, but is still struggling hard to internalize it. In an attempt to rein in his emotions, so to speak, he attempted to reach kolinahr. Tu'Peq failed to reach kolinahr and this would mark what he would consider his first major failure.

Tu'Peq is fiercely dedicated to his work and spends most of his spare time working on his research in the science lab. It is said by those who know him that he practically lives in the lab. Time spent in his quarters is mostly for rest; namely sleep and meditation as well as his attempts to master the game of Kal'toh. He understands the purpose of socializing with his crewmates, however he is used to being alone and so interacting with his fellow crewmates and even making friends is something that will take practice for him. He views this, among other things, a challenge that he must overcome.

Tu'Peq was born in 2342 to Verat, a Professor at the Vulcan Science Acadamey and T'Liss, a Diplomat. His was a relatively uneventful upbringing; his mother raised him on the Vulcan colony of Prat on the edge of Federation space. He spent many of his formative years with only his mother and older brother Vaatik, while his father remained on Vulcan to teach at the eponymous Science Academy. Tu'Peq has struggled to contain his emotions since a young age which, especially when raised around other Vulcans, made it difficult for him to fit in. His older brother was a stellar student and has since gone on become an Associate Professor of Nano Biology at the Vulcan Science Academy, alongside their father. Tu'Peq made three attempts to enter the Academy himself, when he came of age, but failed all three, disappointing his father a great deal; or however disappointed a Vulcan is permitted to be. He then decided to apply to the University of Alpha Centauri at which he was not only admitted but excelled. His first paper was published in his third year of undergraduate studies which has since been cited hundreds of times. His graduate thesis was completed in less than a year and everyone of his peers expected him to accept the postdoctoral position that was offered to him.


When Tu'Peq went on vacation to the human colony on Varbatten III, he discovered his true calling. He realized that while there was a lot of good that he could do in the Institute on Alpha Centauri, he also knew that the discoveries that he made, ground-breaking as they may be, would have little impact on the common person. He decided then to enrole in Starfleet Academy so that he could put his knowledge of the Universe to the test, help people in need, and see, first-hand, the impact of his work. There were many equally capable individuals back on Alpha Centauri who could make equally ground-breaking discoveries themselves so, he felt, his decision was only logical.

In 2394, Tu'Peq received his commission at the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Blackwell in the Andaris Task Force. During his first mission, he received a blow to the head and started having visual hallucinations which manifested themselves as erroneous readings on his bridge console. He noticed also, during his brief delirium, that his emotional inhibitions had been lowered. He visited the doctor on his own ship, Dr. Amar Lux, for the head injury and, while he hadn't manifested any symptoms of a concussion, he wanted to get it checked anyway. The good Doctor didn't find anything wrong with him and the two went for dinner while on shore leave, developing a friendship; the first one that Tu'Peq ever had.

Shortly after, while still on shore leave, Tu'Peq's worry about his mental state had started to weigh on him and he knew that he needed the help of a professional. Losing control of one's emotions is one of the most embarrassing things for a Vulcan, so he didn't want to go to anyone on his own ship, even his friend Dr. Lux, he fortunately had the luxury of serving near another ship: the USS Atlantis. So he went to see the Atlantis's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Isabel Pond and she was able to determine the cause of his problems. It turned out that he was suffering from a rare imbalance of neurological chemicals, analogous to diabetes of the brain. It was a very vulnerable moment for Tu'Peq and he was glad that Dr. Pond was there for him during that time. The condition from which Tu'Peq suffered had never before been discovered and so Pond left the honour of naming it to Tu'Peq. He chose the word Lorak; an archaic Vulcan word used by the first followers of Surak who found controlling their emotions. It was a portmanteau of the word Lo'Kar, meaning "longing for a state of being" and the name, Surak.

Amar Lux.jpg

Amar Lux, MD, Age 26

Tu'Peq first met Amar Lux after the end of their first mission. Tu'Peq sustained a minor head wound in the fray and, while he was exhibiting no signs of concussion, he was a slave to procedure and visited sickbay anyway. There, he met Doctor Lux who prescribed Tu'Peq one thing: relaxation. The Andaris Task Force was currently on shore leave, so the two beamed down to the surface and visited a quaint bistro, enjoying a nice and quiet meal together. They immediately got along well and Tu'Peq was glad, or as glad as a Vulcan can be, that he finally, for the first time in his life, had a friend.


Isabel Pond, MD, Age 28

During Tu'Peq's first mission with the Andaris Task Force, he suffered from what could be described as a temporary visual hallucination. He knew that he had some kind of problem and wanted to get to the bottom of it. However, he noticed that while suffering form this hallucination his emotional inhibitions were lowered significantly. There was nothing more embarrassing for a Vulcan than losing control of one's emotions and so he didn't want to approach anyone on the Blackwell, even his friend Amar. The embarrassment would have been too great. So instead, he went to the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Atlantis, the other active ship in the Andaris Task Force: Dr. Isabel Pond. She determined that Tu'Peq was suffering from an as yet undiscovered ailment. Tu'Peq was grateful for the Doctor's help and he knew that the trust he placed in her to not divulge his psychiatric condition was due to her competence as a physician.

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