True Intentions (Ronin)

Stardate 238502.04

Following the beacon's signal, the Captain and her team were contacted by a pirate captain and escorted into a small station. The pirate used the Ronin's officers as an excuse to board the station in order to exact revenge on its owner by blowing him and the station to bits. While the Captain's team and various pirates were escaping, a relative of one of the Ronin's crewmembers turned up and asked for assylum from the pirates.

Back on the battlefield, Lt. Commander Walker and the rest of the crew exposed the evil scheme of the unidentified hostile aliens and explained the situation to the Gorn, thus resolving the conflict peacefully. Once the Captain's team returned to the ship, the Ronin was called away to Wheeler Colony, where the USS Independence and USS Ursa Major awaited. After a night of awards, promotions, and celebrations, the three ships are back to investigating the highly unstable situation on the surface.