Khoner's Gift

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Khoner's Gift is a program writen by Keval Trolin's brother.

It is a program allowing the user to walk through space. There are several aspects to the program such as the User may walk through one star system onto the next as if taking a stroll in the park. But there are other parts.

When the User first walks in they pick a PADD off a Round Silver Table the table then disappears. With this PADD the User can decide how the rest of the trip will go. For example there are a few walk-able objects in the program. The User can walk on the surface of a Star be it Red giant or Blue Dwarf. He may also watch certain events such as a black hole or a super nova.

All events are fully interactive. While walking the systems one may change the orbits of asteroids and comets. While on a star the plasma of the sun may be picked up and shaped. While watching a black hole objects can be thrown at the black hole.

Khoner's Gift was first portrayed in Black Hole Basketball