Triumphant Small Craft Assignment

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The Defiant-class can carry four (4) type XI shuttlepods -or- two (2) shuttlepods and one (1) type-10 shuttlecraft -or- two (2) type-10 shuttlecraft.

Two type XI shuttlepods

The shuttlepods, carried by the defiant-class each measure 4.5 by 1.8 meters. Each can carry a crew of and up to four additional passengers, or cargo. The shuttlepod is limited to impulse travel only, though it may travel for a short time at superluminal velocities if released at warp. The role of the shuttlepod is varied, including starship escape, planetary surface ops, and ship-to-ship transfers. The craft is equipped with limited phaser armaments, but can be modified to mount a number of small weapon systems.

These are designated Shuttlepod A and Shuttlepod B.

One type-10 shuttlecraft

The type-10 shuttlecraft was originally designed for the Defiant class. It is a four crew, multirole shuttle based on the Type 6 shuttlecraft spaceframe and equipped with subscale versions of larger starship impulse and warp propulsion systems. The craft measures 9.64 meters in length by 5.82 meters abeam by 3.35 meters in height. The basic unloaded mass is 19.73 metric tonnes, slightly heavier than similar shuttles due to its larger warp coil assemblies. The warp nacelles are modeled after the armored been taken from the Type 6 spares inventory. Defensive systems mirror those of most other auxiliary spacecraft and encompass phaser emitters, micro torpedo launchers, shields, and signal intelligence jamming devices. Onboard computer systems include a shortened version of the Danube class runabout computer core, partitioned into five polled processor segments for optimum decision making. Provisions have been made for bio-neural gel pack peripherals and upgrades. Planetary landing systems include both fixed and deployable surface pads. All other required hardware, such as formation lights, emergency beacons, transporter, pressure suits, and surface survival packs, are present in this model.

The shuttle assigned to the Triumphant is designated the Essington. This commemorates Captain W. Essington, who captained the first HMS Triumphant under Admiral Adam Duncan at the Battle of Camperdown on October 11, 1797.

Survival craft: 26 six-person lifeboats

Aside from the escape options provided by the shuttlepods, the principal survival craft is the Starfleet lifeboat or escape pod. The current lifeboat is sized to include two main types, a sixperson and an eight-person version. The Triumphant carries 26 of the six-person types, which measure 3.6 meters tall and 3.5 meters across the hexagonal faces. Each lifeboat contains enough consumables and recycling capabilities to keep the crew alive for eight months, longer with multiple lifeboats connected in standard "gaggle mode." All are equipped with navigational processors and impulse microthrusters, plus emergency subspace communication systems. The Defiant units have been specially modified for lowobservability and minimal EM signatures due to the general wartime conditions.

Along with the two shuttlepods and Essington, the maximum rescue capacity of the Triumphant is 150.