Tripinski, Bobby

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Lieutenant Bobby Tripiski

Bobby grew up on Cleveland, Ohio on Earth. After graduating at the top of his class in college with a masters degree in Intergalactic Cultural Studies, he joined Starfleet. He did great in the academy. He had a certain knack for analyzing situations. Upon graduation he was stationed on Earth at Starfleet Command. He spent two years as a Senior Intel Officer there. He transferred to Starbase 24 under the direct command of Admiral Henry Anderson. When Anderson came aboard the Challenger Bobby followed, along with Ensign Darren Polox. Bobby has served for the last 3 years as a Senior Intel Advisor to Admiral Anderson.

As one of Anderson's operatives, Bobby currently poses as a Security Officer.

Professional History

  • Graduated college – 237311.09
  • Graduated Starfleet Academy – 237812.30
  • Posted to Starfleet Command – 237901.13
  • Transferred to Admiral Anderson – 238101.23