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Veritas Timeline

  • 239407.07--Lael arrives on the USS Veritas.
  • 239407.08--Lael assists with the rescue of Lieutenant Commander Walker and Lieutenant Junior Grade Thoran following an unexpected cave-in.
  • 239407.08--Lael and Lieutenant Commander Walker get into a disagreement during the briefing about a safe course of action to further investigate what happened. Both receive a dress-down from Rahman.
  • 239407.10--Lael dislocates her shoulder when the Veritas is attacked [1].
  • 239411.09--Lael fights against Klingons trying to hack Outpost 3's systems.
  • 239502.10--Lael leads her first Engineering away team.
  • 239502.10--Lael gets shot in the shoulder by intruders aboard the Astraeus while trying to reinforce the forcefield protecting the injured in the Engineering section [2].
  • Refers to the boarding of the USS Veritas over Antor II during the Aftershock mission.
  • Refers to The Irresistible Prize mission when the Astraeus became trapped after trying to exceed the maximum weight limitations for starships in the Shoals and was boarded by pirates..