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USS Octavia E Butler
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Toxin Arlill
Position Chief of Operations (Ops Chief)
Rank Lieutenant
Species Bolian/Tellarite
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him, They/Them
DOB 237501.01
Age 26
Birthplace Worcester, Olde Massachusetts, Earth
Writer ID O239910TA4

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0101 Toxin Arlill
Chief of Operations

Personal Log

Stardate 228005.18 - Supplemental

Toxin found his quarters were busier than he was used to. Back on the 'Oumuamua there would be plenty of room for a crew compliment that size, but on the Intrepid, it was a bit of a tight quarters situation. None-the-less Toxin found himself a quieter corner of the round saucer to stow away with his thoughts.

It's been about 18 hours since he last slept, and while he knew sleep would be welcome, he felt his mind churning, reliving, the day. They'd arrived unexpectedly to a "dead in the water" ship and were thrust into troubleshooting. Now they were on their way to a planet to complete another generation's mission.

Something was eating at Toxin, he knew that their repairs were solid, but the quietness of the ship on their arrival sent chills down his spine, his beard even tingled. There was no doubt some omnipotent power brought them here, but that phased him less than the ship being so quiet and without life when they arrived. He had a sense that more was to come from this old museum relic before they finished the mission.

The last four hours he spent on the bridge. Kel had walked him through most of the operations & flight controls on the bridge. Four hours might have seemed long, but it went by fast. Toxin was grateful for all the hours he spent in the holodeck when he was a teenager at Starfleet, it wasn't exactly kosher for a non-Starfleet personnel to be using the holodeck without an officer present, but his mom had some pull and knew the growing mind needed to explore. She limited his access to starship bridges, but that left his imagination open to strange new worlds and experiences.

Toxin never limited himself to modern ship bridges, he'd explored and piloted ships from almost every era, his favorite being a ship called the NASA Challenger, the history of that ship was a sad one, but it intrigued him more to learn about these early propulsion ships and humbled him to appreciate how easy they have it today. These experiences made it a little easier to keep up with Kel.

Toxin had considered creating a personal log, but wasn't sure where to even put it, since they had no idea what would return with them, or even how to log it into the antiquated systems to make a personal log. He thought it best to save his thoughts for their return, he'd write his novel then.

His shift was over, but he was due back on the helm in 6 hours, he knew he needed to try and rest. Toxin rose and headed back to his shared quarters, hoping there was enough silence to get at least a few hours rest. What was the danger, a pilot holding the lives of a planet and 350 fellow crew members at his finger tips, he didn't need that much sleep... right?

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USS Intrepid • NCC-1631 • Constitution class

Stardate 240001.2
Our visit to Port Loray was more eventful than I had planned. I knew the port was a well known watering hole for travels from all over the quadrant, there wasn't a doubt in my mind, before we left, that we were going to encounter somebody with information that Avander was looking for. I had a plan to use anti-intoxication medications to make friends, I was definitely surprised when I found the drinks a bit stronger than expected. None-the-less the friends I made at a small cafe on the Port were helpful after a few hours of enjoyable concoctions. I just hope the data isn't too far out of date and helpful for Avander's endeavors in intelligence.

On a more personal note, I need at least 3 more hours of sleep before this headache will leave me alone.

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USS Oumuamua • NCC-81226 • Luna class

Stardate 239912.20
I can't say my first official away mission wasn't without it's hurdles but it was a huge success in my opinion. While I continue to build relationships with my colleagues, some remain barely cordial at most. I'm excited to be back on the Oumuamua and cleaned up after that away mission. I'm not sure how long they'd been building ships down there but it did seem really unkempt.

Part of me had hoped we had found the Caboto down there, but part of me is relieved we did not.

I'm hoping to join a few other ensigns in the mess before hitting the sack for some shut eye.

USS 'Oumuamua-logo.png Luna-scale.png
USS Oumuamua • NCC-81226 • Luna class

Stardate 239911.22
My first foray as a bridge officer seems to have been effective. Our commanding officer is a dedicated and experienced leader, this mission seemed like it could be dicey from the start, but her confidence has definitely reassured me. I'm unsure what my future holds, do I want to be a Ops officer forever or do I want to get back to my roots in engineering; so far this role has been exhilarating and I'm looking forward to the next phase of our mission.

USS 'Oumuamua-logo.png Luna-scale.png
USS Oumuamua • NCC-81226 • Luna class

End of Personal Logs