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USS Darwin-A
Avaris Torrin
Position Civilian
Rank Civilian
Species Trill (unjoined)
Gender Male
DOB 235308.04
Age 47
Birthplace Leran Manev, Trill

Avaris Torrin is currently serving as a Civilian aboard the USS Darwin-A.


  • Height: 6'4
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown


  • Parents: Saria Torrin (mother) Edral Xind (father, joined)
  • Siblings: Arana Jand (sister, joined) and Elexa Torrin (sister)
  • Spouse: Artem Ivanovich Dragumov
  • Children: none


  • Born 235308.04 at Audrax Hospital, Leran Manev, Trill. He was the first-born child of Senator Edral Xind, a high-profile politician aligned with the Conservative party, and Saria Torrin, who ran several philanthropic organizations, with a particular focus on education and youth-support on non-federation worlds.His early childhood was defined by comfort and privileged, but was also lonely. The couples second child Arana (now joined with the Jand symbionet) was essentially his only friend, followed soon therafter by the youngest Torrin, the third born Elexa 6 years later. Their fathers politics, which were a strange blend of belief in returning to Trill isolationism with hard-line Essentialist Federation rhetoric was not especially popular with Trills intellectual elite, and as such, his children were educated from home to avoid exposing them to the negativity that would come from being children of Senator Xind. They had private tutors and nannies, both parents rarely around due to their social and political obligations. The girls both thrived and took to their studies quite easily, but Avaris was always hot-tempered and difficult, regularly falling behind in his studies and making trouble in the Torrin estate.
Graffiti depicting the symbol of the Unjoined Majority anarchists in Vrans
  • As he grew, Avaris began to seek out counter-cultural movements and in his own time to study political ideologies in direct opposition to those of his father. He discovered a branch of the family who lived on the other side of the planet, children of Edrals brother Jexin, who were well-known political agitators and outspoken members of an anarchist collective who identified itself as a part of the "Unjoined Majority". While not itself a structured organization, the Unjoined Majority was an umbrella under which hundreds of grass-roots activist groups with varying focuses belonged. The group in which his Torrin cousins were active focused on work against the Symbioses Commission (believing that the organization had too much power and that the system of selecting hosts and the elevated social standing of joined Trill was inherently unequal and immoral), as well as being outspoken critics of the Federation, believing their galactic-level government to be thinly veiled Human imperialism, and taking issue with specific policies, such as Starfleet's Prime Directive. Avaris established contact with this part of his family, and made plans to relocate to the city of Vrans where they lived and worked in the southernmost continent of the planet.
  • In 236708.02 Avaris relocated to Vrans, against the will of his parents, to attend a secondary school outside of his home for the first time. He moved in with his family who owned an apartment building which was run as a collective with other Unjoined Majority activists. Vrans was one of the few places on Trillus Prime with a reputation for being dangerous, the population being mostly unjoined and the cities University being unofficially regarded as the planets Unjoined school, it was an institution with a reputation for encouraging radicalism. The city was the base of operations for several political groups outside the mainstream, particularly the Unjoined Majority and their polar opposite, the small Trill contingent of the violent, extremist branch of the Federations conservative movement, the Essentialist Militia. In his first few years living in Vrans amongst radicals, he would already be exposed to demonstrations and actions supporting his groups perspective, as well as clashes and counter-protests with their rivals in the Militia. Having left against his families will, but not stopped by his father who agreed that having his increasingly troublesome and vocal son leave was in his careers best interest, he would have no contact with his parents or sisters for several years.
  • Finding his new environment more stimulating, he finally began to excel in his studies, and fast tracked his post-secondary education, being accepted to Drazhall University in 236909.01 at age 16.
  • Over the next few years he was arrested, held and questioned several times, all due to involvement in various anti-state, anti-federation and anti symbioses actions. His own involvement in illegal activities begins to increase, largely from the influence of his first partner, Jaheran Castyr, whose family was even more prominent in Unjoined Majority circles than the Vrans branch of the Torrins. Jaheran and him participated not only in marches, but also organized several riskier actions, such as the theft of Starfleet weapons and the smuggling of these weapons to the Maquis. Avaris was only ever found guilty of minor crimes twice in this time, incidents of trespassing during unsanctioned protests, and sentenced to pay fines. However, many of his colleagues were found guilty of more serious offenses and spent time in prison. In one such case, the defendants alibis were compromised by Starfleet Intelligence surveillance which included tampering with the groups local replimat, and the embedding of low levels of polaron radiation particles in their clothing to make their movements easier to track, resulting in Avaris forever having an aversion to the use of replicators to make his clothing.
  • Just before the beginning of the Dominion War, Jaheran Castyr was killed, officially classified as collateral damage in an unsanctioned Starfleet action against the Maquis. Jaheran was training in medicine at Drazhall, and had volunteered to support the militants in the DMZ as a medic, seeing some of the more dangerous fighting with the Cardassian settlers. His medical crew suffered an engine failure and were unable to evacuate from the Maquis colony which the USS Defiant attacked with biological weaponry in retaliation for the Maquis bio-attack on Cardassian Settlers on a ceded Federation world. The death of Jaheran was a turning point for Avaris, and he withdrew somewhat from his aggressive involvement in radical actions, focusing more intensely on pursuing his education with the goal of becoming a professor of Anthropology and Comparative Xenobiology.
  • The timing of Avaris withdrawal from political extremism was fortuitous, as the Dominion War began shortly thereafter, starting with the massacre of most Maquis cells, the resistance being no longer a match for the Cardassians who were now backed by the military might of their Dominion allies. The death of Jaheran Castyr had rallied a great deal of radical support in Vrans, and many of Avaris' colleagues were killed having recently gone to fight with the Maquis.
  • In addition to the new danger that came from being aligned with the Maquis, Avaris found himself less inclined towards rabble rousing, having met his future husband shortly after Jaheran's death. Artem Dragumov, a merchant on the predominantly Russian Human freighter the Asimov. Artem had enlisted as a soldier upon the official declaration of war with the Dominion, his rendez-vous with the Starfleet vessel he was to serve on, the USS Gloriana was on Trill, and the enlisted volunteers were housed in Drazhall dormitories awaiting their ships arrival. What might have been a brief break from active insurrectionist actions became Avaris' new MO, and he threw himself into his studies, and upon the conclusion of the Dominion War, spent most of his free time visiting Artem on Earth. His growing lack of enthusiasm for resistance, as well as his relationship with a Human soldier began to weaken his relationships with his friends on Trill, but provided some uneasy reconciliation between himself and his family, who were very happy to see their son in a relationship with a Federation Soldier, that being much better publicity than him living in an anarchist collective in Vrans.
  • In the interim years, Avaris became something of a radical pundit, his writings criticising the Federation, Starfleet, the Trill Senate and the Symbioses Commission were published and widely circulated. However, he was now firmly an armchair revolutionary, and no longer was involved in any direct actions. Over time he would lose touch with most of his former comrades.
  • 238604.01, after 11 years of post doctorate schooling, Avaris graduated from Drazhall with PhDs in Anthropology and Comparative Xenobiology. He was offered full tenure at the University. Artem however, has decided to pursue a career as a Starfleet Officer. This was a difficult time in their relationship, as Avaris did not immediately support the idea, still resenting Starfleet and believing it to be a destructive galactic force. However, having lost most of his connection with his old life, Avaris eventually decided that he would accept his partners decision and support his ambition, and the couple decided to get married to ensure that Avaris could accompany him on whatever assignment he was given after graduation from Starfleet Academy. Avaris, feeling already distant from his previous social network on Trill, declined the offer of tenure and emigrated to Earth during Artems time at the academy. Many of his former comrades do not attend his wedding, and he was all but blacklisted by the Unjoined Majority as a defector, no longer to be trusted with more sensitive information. He is still contracted through the University, and continued to do research for the Comparative Xenobiology department in this time.
  • His family connections were not sufficient enough to get past his extensive arrest and intelligence report, as well as his reputation as an ideologue from his writings, and he was unable to secure work on Earth at a University. He was eventually offered a job at Cochrane Elementary School in San Francisco, where he taught from 2386-2391. Finding that the teaching of children was something of a calling which he enjoyed more than research, he registered with the Federation Ministry of Education, with the hope of being placed as a schoolteacher on whatever Starfleet installation or vessel Artem was assigned to upon graduation.

Service History

  • 238709.01 Cadet Dragumov enters Starfleet Academy
  • 239110.01 Ens. Dragumov graduates Starfleet Academy
  • 239201.08 Torrin placed as Apollo-A Civilian School headmaster by Federation Ministry of Education.
  • 239201.09 Ens. Dragumov promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 239202.23 Ens. Dragumov is reassigned to the USS Darwin-A

Awards & Service Ribbons

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