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Four Letter Code TORO
Federation Status Members
Planet of Origin Toron II
Encountered Bajorans
Current Tech Level M to N
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"Leave us in peace, do not anger us. You would not like it if you did."
a Toron threat.
The Toron are a species more suited to peace but who have the size and strength to defend themselves from virtually all possible physical threats. Their need to protect their families and their desire to be left in peace has forced them to become a military threat that they hope will never need to be used.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Kalandra Sector (coordinates A24-0002-1300)
  • Proper Name: Epsilon Serpentis system
  • Stars: a single class V main sequence star, type G7 (yellow spectrum)
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 43 million km
  • Companions: It is the 2nd of 7 planets in this system
  • Moons: it has 1 large moon.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Toron II
  • Diameter: 24,003 km (14,915 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.20 high standard gravity with a density of 3.5
  • Axial Tilt: 23.3% normal seasonal effects
  • Orbital Period: 198 days
  • Rotational Period: 26 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 39%
  • Atmosphere: Standard (0.85) bars nitrogen-oxygen (0.79; 0.20 with 0.01 trace gases).
  • Climate: It is a temperate world
  • Terrain: Predominant terrain type is rolling grasslands with forests
  • Population: About 10 billion


  • it has 1 large moon - Sky Father: is 7,598 km (4,749 miles) in diameter, with a density of 4.8 and a gravity of 0.52 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 39,660 km. (24,787 miles)


There has never been a war on this planet. They have developed in slow sure strides. In fact that could be used to describe their last 1,000 years of development. Always moving forward after making sure that each new advance was ready for implementation. Eventually they discovered space travel, explored their system and learned that they were not alone in the universe. This first encounter was sudden, violent and resulted in the loss of their best and newest exploration vessel. To put it mildly it caused a panic. One that resulted in a new and for them drastic change in scientific development, the creation of weapons and defensive technology.

In the beginning they constructed defensive weapons platforms. These were easy to build and to upgrade whenever a newer offensive, defensive, power or sensor system was developed and needed to be added on. They started out building a few a month and progressed to the point where they were building a couple hundred a month. Then they expanded to add the construction of asteroid based weapons platforms. Again due to the fact that they would be easier to upgrade with new technology as it was created and built. Eventually they realised that they had more than enough to ensure their worlds safety and stopped building any more.

Near the end of this crazed period of development they discovered warp drive technology and built a long range exploration vessel complete with the best weapons and defensive systems available to them. It established friendly contact with a number of alien species, one of which was the Bajorans. This quickly developed into a form of mutual respect and the negotiation of numerous trade deals to the benefit of both parties. When the Cardassians invaded and established the Occupation of Bajor this trade slowly petered off and ended although during the occupation some of the Bajoran colonies continued to trade with the Toron over the years. This included the supply of supplies, weapons and other equipment ear marked for the Bajoran resistance movement.

With the end of the occupation and the re-establishment of a free, independent Bajoran government the Toron reached out and established friendly contact again. This quickly resulted in the establishment of new trade deals, many of which were profoundly generous and certainly lacking in any degree of profit to the Toron merchants involved in the deals. When asked they merely stated that for them it was good business to help the Bajorans to get back on their feet and re-establish themselves as a successful and independent power. Most experts would agree that this may indicate their desire for the Bajorans to be able to act as a buffer between them and the Cardassians in case of any future aggressive actions on their part.

When the Federation took over control of Deep Space 9 with the permission of the Bajoran government first contact was established between them. After that the presence of a Toron freighter docked at DS9 was not an unfamiliar sight. However this gradually slowed and stopped during the Dominion War as the Toron repositioned their warships and freighters in order to better protect their homeworld and colonies. They did continue to provide supplies and allow Federation, Klingon vessels to dock at their homeworld in order to receive maintenance, resupply and repairs due to battle damage. This was as far as the Toron would go, refusing to take an active part in the conflict unless the forces of the Dominion threatened their people directly.

Shortly after the end of the war they resumed contact and trade with both the Federation and the Bajorans.


The Toron people have a centralized government on Toron I that operates out of the capitol city of Bramha. This government is composed of 5 council members who serve for 5 years and who then select 5 possible replacements for each seat on the council. The population as a whole then vote for each replacement. All matters are debated and then voted upon by this council.

Their colony on Toron II has also built their own capitol city which is not only named after the capitol on their homeworld but was also designed to look like it as well. New Bramha may be slightly smaller but in all other ways it functions just like the original.

Female Taurus.jpg


Easily identifiable by the extremely well developed muscles of their chests, arms, shoulders and legs. They have 2 large curved ivory horns protruding one from each temple and black or brown eyes. They tend to have long hair ranging in color from black to brown and reddish brown. They are humanoid in appearance with hoofed feet and olive to medium brown skin tones.

On average the males stand about 5'10 to 6'4" and weight about 240 to 300 lbs. Females are only slightly smaller being 5'8" to 6' and weighting between 200 lbs and 240 lbs. The females also on average have a large chest and longer hair. A married female will have a metal hoop through the bottom of their nose.

While they never wear anything on their feet they do wear loose fitting pants usually made of a heavy fibrous cloth and usually in dark earth tones. Their shirts are much the same but of a lighter material and usually of a lighter earth tone color. They usually have a number of pockets in their pants and numerous small pouches on their belts.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are typical humanoids with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most humanoids.

They have multiple stomachs. This is a necessary development since they tend to eat mostly grains, grass and other very fibrous plant matter. While this is still the main portion of their diet they now also eat other types of plants as well. This includes berries, fruit and vegetables.


While they are herbivores this does not mean they are by any means non-aggressive. While they do fight among them selves, these fights almost never end in serious injury or death. Outsiders however are not afforded the same courtesy. They will drop anything to help another Toron and will fight to the death to protect each other, their young or their planet.

This driving need to protect their people has resulted in the development of their military as well as the construction of many listening posts and way more defensive satellites than they logically will ever need or use in the defense of either their homeworld or their colony.


In the olden days the Toron people use to worship a single male god. This was inspired by a 50’ statue that resided in the valley of Hersir on their homeworld. This was eventually replaced with the worship of an Earth Mother and a Sky Father. They call them the Divine Union. Only when both halves join together do you have a whole unit. With this as the basis for their religion, it is easy to understand why marriage and the family unit is so important to them.


Most of their myths have to do with the Earth Mother and Sky Father which are the primary aspects of their religious beliefs. These seem to be the typical creation style stories found among many primitive cultures as well as among numerous difference species.


They are a very family and race oriented people. They work together for the betterment of all. This is reflected in their society by their willingness to drop everything to help another member of their race. Their communities are almost completely crime free, with transportation, medical, educational and recreational facilities available to all. Every community even their cities are designed in such a way as to be spacious, well laid out and organized with as much of nature preserved and combined in to keep it looking rural.


They have deep strong voices that they blend together to form strangely haunting melodies with. This is usually in groups of 10 and more. Also their dances are large community affairs that need lots of people. They continually switch partners in intricate patterns and all in time to the music. While these forms of artistic express are the most common they also enjoy most visual forms of artistic expression as well with statues being the most common.


The only real custom that stands out is their love of Bramha. In fact they love it so much it is not only the name of their national sport but also the name of their capitol city. Bramha is a physical contact sport were every part of the body can be used. The first player knocked off his feet loses.


While there is very little in the way of industrial development on the planet they are not a backward race. They produce some of the most advanced farming equipment and genetically adjust various plant types to survive in various off world conditions. They have also converted a number of off world plants genetically so that they can now thrive and produce abundant bounties of edible material on there own planet. They have had warp technology for a number of years and a large number of freighters that transport food stuffs to other worlds.

However they do not have any true industrial power except that found in their capitol and a couple of their larger communities. As a race they love the land and refuse to allow it to be placed at risk due to industrial pollutants. It is due to this reason that the capitol of Bramha is located in the most desolate location on the planet. It is here that most of the factories and manufacturing facilities can be found.


While being fully capable of being completely self-sufficient they have managed to develop a well-organized and profitable network of long term trade deals that have strengthened their overall economic stability and growth and ensured a high quality of life to the majority of their population. Added to this is the fact that they maintain a strong military presence, patrolling up to 20 light years away from their home world. They do not interfere in any with any of the other species with in this region but do enforce a certain high degree of safety for all transport and freighters operating with in this region. This has earned them not only a great amount of good will but resulted in increasing the number of trade deals offered to them.

Commercial Platform

They have designed and constructed one of the largest space stations known to the Federation and it is capable of housing over 750,000 Torons and has space, living quarters for another 250,000 visitors. It can allow up to 200 vessels to dock to the outside of it and has space to allow up to 50 vessels to dock within internal docking facilities that can offer almost all repairs that may be needed including those caused by battle damage. It’s internal commercial zone is 30 decks in size and they provide a police force that is capable of keeping the crime rate to a bare minimum and then dealing with those problems in an efficient and timely manner.


It was only after they had ventured into space and learned they were not alone that the idea for a military was considered vital. As a result they put a lot of effort into developing first the technology needed and then the production facilities. The main issue was ensuring as always that both the weapons and the new fleet of warships were the best they could make.


They only use volunteers in their infantry units. These units are composed of the following, 1,000 infantry soldiers, with 500 support soldiers which include medical staff, cooks, supply, artillery crews and heavy weapons squads. Currently they maintain and supply 5 of these units and also supply elite trained infantry to the fleet with 21 soldiers on each frigate, 53 on each destroyer, 111 on each cruiser and 307 on the command cruiser.

Space Fleet

The Toron military fleet may be small but it is not to be ignored and is also made up entirely of volunteers. Their ships are larger than many would expect them to be. Not only are they larger, but they mount much larger weapons with more punch than any other race in this area of space. Added to that is the excessive amount of shielding they use and it is no wonder all the other races have avoided opening hostilities with them. For example what they consider to be a destroyer most other species would consider to be a cruiser, more than likely a heavy cruiser. Their fleet currently consists of 1 command cruiser, 10 cruisers, 20 destroyers and 30 frigates.

Fleet Dock

Their fleet dock which orbits their world on the opposite side of the planet to their commercial platform can build, repair and supply any and all of their vessels. Normally the command cruiser and 4 cruisers as well as 8 destroyers and 12 frigates are kept either docked to the station or patrolling within 1 light year of the system at all times. This fleet dock is able to monitor and receive data from numerous sources including the many scanning platforms concealed as floating asteroids within the system. Due to this comprehensive system they can monitor and observe any and every single vessel that enters their system passively until that vessel leaves their system.

Defensive Satellites

They have constructed a truly awe inspiring number of defensive weapons platforms and converted even more asteroids over into weapons platforms as well. As a result there is enough fire power floating around in space to protect their world and to destroy their entire military fleet 5 times over.

Starfleet Intelligence Files

Starfleet has had contact with this race. They have delivered cargo to Deep Space 9 but this stopped during the Dominion War. They resumed a number of years after the end of the war.

Also the Bajorans report that prior to the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor they traded with them sporadically. During the occupation some of their colonies continued to trade with them over the years.


This is an original Starbase 118 species created by Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar and inspired by the Zodiac. It is part of a project to create species based on and inspired by all the signs of the Zodiac.


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