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USS Gorkon
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Toran Sevo
Position Security
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Trill
Gender Male
DOB 234408.14
Age 56
Birthplace Trill
Writer ID V239109AS0
This is a character from an alternate timeline. For the previous host of the Sevo symbiont in the prime timeline, see Toran Sevo.

Lieutenant JG Toran Sevo is currently serving as a security officer aboard the USS Gorkon.

Personal Profile

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Toran Sevo
  • Species: Trill
  • Age:
    • Toran: Mid-Forties
    • Sevo: 221
  • Place of birth: Trill
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic Status: None.


  • Height: 1.93m (6'4'')
  • Weight: 100 kg (220 lbs.)
  • Build: Muscular.
  • Hair Color: Black when unshaved.
  • Length of Hair: Shaved bald.
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Dark.
  • Handedness: Right
  • Voice: Deep, but full of confidence.

Background and Personality

Toran was once a proud, confident Trill. He was always strong, both physically and mentally. When he graduated basic schooling, Toran didn't hesitate to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps. He was Joined with the symbiont Sevo shortly after Academy graduation. After Joining, he suffered from claustrophobia, though he didn't know where it stemmed from. Fortunately, his rigorous training kept it in check. He never had the chance to undergo the zhian'tara since the War came. Toran had a long-time girlfriend on Trill named Ilyssa. For the next several years, Toran dutifully fulfilled his oath as a Starfleet Marine, being posted to numerous starships, stations, and colonies. At the time, most deployments of the Marines were keeping order on the outskirts of Federation space or onboard deep-space exploratory vessels. However, nothing could prepare Toran or the Marines for the nightmare of the Dominion War. Toran managed to kill a Founder once alongside a team of people by bombarding it with alternating frequencies of phaser fire from multiple sides.

The war slowly chipped away at Toran's upbeat personality. Throughout the war, he was posted to the front lines, fighting in personal combat with the Dominion in countless locations. After the Dominion reinforcement fleet came through the wormhole, the Marines found themselves constantly pushed further and further into Federation space. Eventually, Toran found himself defending his home planet of Trill. Unfortunately, it was a lost cause from the start, as the number of ships and troops the Dominion sent to the planet was overwhelming. Toran eventually left on one of the last retreating transports. The sight of his planet burning, encased by a swarm of Dominion ships was forever burned in his memory.

He spent the next several years skirmishing with the Dominion when he could; otherwise simply trying to survive on a myriad of ships. Despite years of defending it, Qo'noS eventually fell. During the siege of Qo'noS, Toran fought alongside Klingons helping to get as many people as possible to safety. A dying friend gave Toran his family's d'k tahg, thanking Toran for helping get his family safely away. Mirroring the loss of Trill years earlier, Toran once again stood by helplessly on a fleeing transport as he saw Qo'noS encircled by Dominion ships.

With the Federation gone, Toran found himself constantly on the run. Every day was a struggle to survive. He lived on different ships, often bartering his skills as a fighter or cook. Even Vereesa's chemistry skills were put to use in various repair and engineering jobs. Toran eventually found his way onto the U.S.S. Triumphant; one of the last Starfleet ships still flying the stars. He tended to favor melee weapons and fighting, especially after the fall of the Federation where energy and power packs were at a premium. Due to his previous years fighting the Dominion alongside Klingons, Toran had learned and gained an appreciation for mok'bara.

Shortly after the USS Gorkon arrived in his universe, a battle with Dominion forces ensued. Due to the machinations of Erik Jansen, the Triumphant was sabotaged and ultimately destroyed. It's occupants found safe haven on the Gorkon, now trapped in his universe. Toran quickly met his counterpart, Ayiana Sevo. The sight of seeing Toran alive and well caused quite a shock to her. He spent the next year with them as they traveled around the quadrant, evading Dominion patrols while they tried to find a way home. At some point, Toran fell into a deep depression. Near the end of the Gorkon's exile, Toran managed to reconcile his life with the story Ayiana told of his other self. He decided he didn't want to end up like that, and seeing what became of Sevo in Ayiana gave him hope. Toran ultimately decided to travel with the Gorkon back to their universe and start a new life.

Said life took longer to achieve than he anticipated, for the simple fact that Starfleet hadn't the faintest idea what to do with him. Ultimately, they decided to offer Toran his old rank of Second Lieutenant in the Marines, however he decided to reject the offer and retire to Trill; at least for a while. He settled on Trill, staying at Ayiana's family's home while he readjusted to civilized, civilian life. Ultimately, they came to view Toran as one of their own, regularly inviting him to family gatherings. He tried a life as a civilian, working various jobs in restaurants, cleaning, or even policework, however the latter just didn't feel "the same" as Starfleet.

Eventually, Toran decided to re-enlist in Starfleet, and was assigned to the 451st Ranger Platoon based on the USS Gorkon as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. Ultimately, the experimental ship-based Ranger platoon was disbanded, and Toran donned a gold collar in the Security department. He often found himself stationed at Tactical. When Lladre commandeered the Gorkon and put the crew into a dream state, Toran found himself in a shared dream with some of his fellow security officers, some of which fought at AR-558, which had been recreated in the Dream.

Toran joined several of his colleagues on the USS Njörðr to the New Horizons conference. On the way, the ship ran afoul of a nebula and sustained catastrophic damage. It was discovered that the nebula contained symbiotic crab-like creatures that could eat through nearly anything, including the hulls of ships. Toran helped survivors try and escape, all the while fighting off the merciless creatures. He was ultimately rescued along with everyone else by the USS Yarahla

While the senior staff of the Gorkon had been sent on an assignment to Nassau, Toran was called upon to perform a search-and-rescue of the Whydah, a nearby ship caught in Ma No Umi's dangerous environment.

When Ayiana returned from a mission to the Romulan colony of Væron, she had returned with a new orphan - Bekk, the Klingon grish'nar cat. With a little prodding from Ayiana, Toran ended up adopting her, at least until he could find her a proper home. It never happened and the defanged furball is more than content to spend time in his quarters.

For leisure, Toran enjoyed sports and other physical activities, like working out at the gym, skydiving, volleyball, or paintball. During a vacation on Trill, Toran once streaked from the Yorval house into the pool. He regularly taught mok'bara lessons on the Gorkon. Due to his years cooking on the Triumphant and other ships after the War, Toran had developed a skill at bartending, which he put to use at a few parties on the Gorkon. Toran attended the wedding of Admiral Quinn Reynolds and Captain Walter Brunsig as Ayiana's plus-one. He spent most of the time on the dance floor. He also DJ'd the birthday party of Caedan Nkai.

Previous Hosts

Toran's prior hosts and experiences are identical to that of Ayiana Sevo. For detailed information, see Ayiana Sevo#Previous Hosts.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-2lt green.png
2nd Lieutenant Unknown Unknown Marine
DS9style-1lt green.png
1st Lieutenant Unknown Unknown
DS9style-blank green.png
N/A 2375-2385 Various Refugee
DS9style-blank green.png
N/A ?? - 2393 USS Triumphant (alternate)
DS9style-blank white.png
Civilian 2393-2395 Civilian
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant J.G. 2395 USS Gorkon 451st Ranger Platoon
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant J.G. 2395 - Present Tactical Officer

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