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Top Sims Contest


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The Top Sims Contest Judges judge each round of the Top Sims Contest except for the run-off and final rounds.

The judges panel is comprised of one member from each ship.

Judges rules

  • Judges are free to resign from the panel at any time or be switched-out but are expected to judge for a full "Set" (see the Contest Calendar).
  • At the end of each Set, Captains will be encouraged to review their ship's judge.
  • A judge's "term" lasts for three sets, after which they must be switched with a new judge from the crew. After a judge's term is over, and a new judge has been selected and served for at least one term, the previous judge is again eligible to begin a new term.
  • Judges can be of any rank, as long as they are able to demonstrate a basic grasp of good simming skills.
  • Each ship's Captain appoints the judge from their ship, but they are free to use whatever method they deem appropriate to select that judge. They can select themselves as the judge.
  • Judges use a ranked voting method called Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). For more information about IRV, see the Wikipedia page.

When voting, judges are not permitted to vote in the top slot the sim from their crew. This ensures that judges are not favoring their own crew's sims. They can still choose their ship's sim in the second slot or lower.

Current Panel (2017)

  • Athena: Rudolf Calvin
  • Constitution: Choi Ji-hu
  • ATF: Krindo Pandorn
  • Embassy: Irina Pavlova
  • Gorkon: Colleen Bancroft
  • Veritas: Nikki Ryan
  • StarBase 118 Ops: Antero Flynn

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