Too Little, Too Layte (Ronin)

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2379 - 2383: The Years of the Unknown The Phoenix Doesn't Rise · Black Gate · Eye of the Sun
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Stardate 238511.04

Endowed with the turmoil of an almost completely reshuffled crew roster, the USS Ronin departs Deep Space 17 with half of her senior staff replaced with that of the USS Independence-A and sets off for the pre-warp world of Layte to attempt to undo the damage recently done there by Lt.J.G. Shepard whose shuttle had crashed there almost a year before. En route, the crew bickers during two painfully tumultuous staff meetings but somehow manages to come up with a plan to remove the Federation technology still on the planet without being caught by the locals. Before arriving in the system, they are notified of the shuttle's self-destruct mechanism activating, presumably due to Shepard's attempting to arm it prior to its crashing on the planet. Arriving in the system, they deceive the locals' primitive satellite defense grid, bolster a storm on the surface, and sneak in aboard another shuttle. Meanwhile on the Ronin, something unleashes Trellium into the life-support systems, causing most of the Vulcan population to lose emotional control. The crew isolates and sedates them rapidly, while continuing to monitor the situation on the surface. Due to the fact that Layte is apparently constantly within a temporal distortion that causes their world to experience time at a rate 7 times faster than the rest of the universe, the ship is faced with the problem of conflicting temporal fields in orbit. One of which passes through Lt. Kolk and knocks him unconscious. On the surface, Lt.J.G. Shepard infiltrates the government compound where his downed shuttle is being held only to be struck down by a local illness about which he neglected to inform the rest of the crew. Lt. Wood disables the shuttle's self destruct and wipes its memory banks while Shepard's Laytean wife is called in to tend to her husband. LtCmdr. Wilde removes both Shepards from the government medical facility, leaving evidence that they were killed in the explosion that he soon causes, and the away team retreats to their shuttle. Inside the compound, international tensions lead to a suicide bombing of Shepard's shuttle, which finally removes the last bit of Federation technology on the planet surface. Both the Ronin and the away team discover some vague evidence that Tholians might've crashed on the planet prior to Shepard's arrival, but when or where is unclear. Satisfied that all that can be done has been done, Cmdr. Walker returns the ship to DS17 for shoreleave.