Tomis, Academy years

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Every time when some kind of end happened it was a time Ki felt her uniqueness as a burden. All her colleagues were writing happy letters to their loved ones to tell them of their great accomplishments. Everyone has someone to turn to when it was hard to lean on when needed strength to proceed. She had no one. She was one and only, a child – creation not even her creators wanted. She was always different and always in wrong place.

When was found as a little child and her psionic strength recognized the fact she was also part Vulcan made people who found her sent her to Vulcan.

Was it right choice for a girl. For a long time she hated it. It was never easy or gentle on her. Never right. But can anyone choose their parents or a way to live through childhood. Listening to her roommate from Bajor waking up screaming in the middle of the night Ki was happy for relative safety she had in her youth. But watching gentle parents with hands full of gifts visiting their children, even her roommate, Ki felt always so lonely.

So after two years on Academy always spending those days hiding... and in tears, on third she made a list of places to visit, not to be in a dorm when they come.