Tomas Rai

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Member of Deep Space 26


Tomas Rai

Tomas Rai was born to parents Jesadi Rai and Einan Utoza on Stardate 233405.14 and grew up on Betazed with his younger brother, Edam Memek. As a child, Tomas enjoyed caring for injured animals, painting, and the Betazoid martial art of Tassa'Akai. Tomas spent most of his free time with his childhood friend Reicel Neicon exploring the wilds of the Dalara continent near his home in Dekoa.

He had just bonded with his childhood promised mate Javia Azuso when tragedy struck. She was killed in a flight test gone wrong. Devastated, Tomas left his home of Betazed to escape the memories. Acquiring a ship, he took up the life of a nomadic tradesman. During his years running freight, he became a skilled engineer, able to fix nearly anything. Out of necessity, he also acquired negotiation and diplomatic skills when dealing with particularly cunning clients who often tried to take advantage of his friendly demeanor.

He currently works as a civilian engineering consultant for Starfleet, primarily focused on construction and repair of Federation colonies in regions like the Tyrellian Sector and the Menthar Corridor. His team was recently assigned to the construction of the new Federation colony in the Shemesh System in the Par'tha Expanse.


  • NAME: Tomas Rai
  • T/E RATING: T4/E4
  • MARITAL STATUS: Widowed (No children)


  • HEIGHT: 1.83m (6’1)
  • WEIGHT: 82.1kg (181lbs)
  • BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR: Dark brown
  • EYES: Dark brown


  • VOICE: Baritone, soft-spoken except when angry
  • MANNERISMS: Runs his hands through his hair when nervous
  • STRENGTHS: Reliable, relaxed, pragmatic, sensual, romantic, introverted, loyal, charming, thoughtful, patient, good sense of humor, down to earth, highly motivated, driven, persistent
  • WEAKNESSES: stubborn, unchangeable, non-confrontational, become jealous easily, somewhat materialistic, indulgent
  • LIKES: Preparing meals, music, romance, trending clothing, art, working with his hands, children
  • DISLIKES: Unpredictable changes, difficulties, precariousness, narrow-minded people, abusive people


  • Father: Einan Utoza, Betazoid, 65, Musician
  • Mother: Jesadi Rai, Betazoid, 67, Diplomat
  • Siblings: Edam Memek, Betazoid, 40, Architect
  • Friends: Reicel Neicon, Betazoid, 48, Writer
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Duty History

  • Current Assignment: Civilian Engineering Consultant, Starfleet Par'tha Expanse (1 year)
  • Previous Experience: