Tolas Dajhul

Tolas Dajhul
Co-Commanding Officer
Creshan'na Riyas - Deep Space 10


Tolas Dajhul was the Cardassian co-commanding officer of Creshan'na Riyas (also known as Deep Space 10), the ancient alien station in the Menthar Corridor which began operating under a joint agreement with the Federation and the Cardassian Union in mid-2391. He held the rank of gul up until his death in 2391.


Ketanya, Dajhul's wife

Dajhul was a true believer in the renewal of Cardassia and the Union in the aftermath of the Dominion War that devastated Cardassia as much as it did across other worlds. A strong memory for him as a young man was the Federation-sponsored aid and rebuilding projects that helped get Cardassia back on its feet. It was during this time that he got to know a few of the Starfleet and Federation relief workers, even striking up a few lifelong friendships.

Far from Cardassia, his final assignment would have typically meant a loss in social stature for the gul and his wife, but the establishment of a successful long-term Cardassian presence in the Corridor was seen by the government as vital to reestablishing the Union's presence on the interstellar stage. His wife Ketanya held a far less optimistic view of the Federation and the joint venture.


Gul Dajhul was killed on SD 239110.26 while undergoing treatment for an unknown pathogen during a quarantine on DSX. In a message to the station and the Federation, Nikael Kalre, leader of the Maquis Reborn, detonated several explosives, destroying the station's medical center with Dajhul locked inside.

Additional Information

Dajhul was a PNPC written for by the writer for R. Rahman.