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Since 238605.12, Tobias Brel has served as Counselor aboard the USS Tiger. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade).


Previous Assignments


Command Reviews


To date, there have been no formal assessments pertaining to the performance of Tobias Brel.

Disciplinary Log

To date, there have been no disciplinary incidents involving Tobias Brel.

Medical Records


Doctor Solok, the Tiger's Chief Medical Officer, performs a physical examination of Tobias Brel. His examination revealed that Brel's state of health was within acceptable parameters for a joined Trill and he was cleared for duty.


Tobias Brel sustained serious injuries when he was attacked by a Valle whilst on the planet XB3. Doctor Solok performed an examination on the planet surface where he identified that in addition to a closed fracture of the left ulna and significant bruising to the back and neck, the counselor had sustained a compound, multi-fragmentary fracture to the right humerus, aggravated by the dislocation of the shoulder and damage to surrounding muscle tissue.

Brel was transported to Sickbay aboard the USS Tiger where Solok performed reconstructive surgery. This was successful and Brel's arm was restored to near full function with no scarring.

Psychological Profile

Excerpt from Counselor's Assessment - Starfleet Academy, Final Year

Tobias Brel is a somewhat troubled young man who seems to have experienced problems in adapting to life at the Academy. Whilst his academic performance has been of a consistently high standard, I have received reports from several of his lecturers that his attitude is often confrontational. I believe that whilst his behavior has become less erratic over the course of this final year here, he continues to harbor resentment towards several of the academics here. In addition, he has made little progress socially.

Whilst I see no psychological impediment to Brel having a long and successful career in Starfleet, I have communicated to him my belief that he has some personal issues he must resolve if he is to be successful. First and foremost, he must come to terms with his new identity as a joined Trill. Whilst he resists all attempts by our staff to discuss the effect symbiosis has had on his personality and sense of identity, it is obvious in talking with him that he regards his symbiont as a separate entity from himself. I have consulted with several prominent experts on Trill mental health and all have identified this as highly unusual, particularly given the time that has passed since the joining took place. I have recommended to Brel that he should contact the Symbiosis Commission and ask them to send an expert to help him.

Secondly, I have suggested that Brel speak with some experienced counselors within Starfleet to learn from their experiences. Many of the social problems he experienced when he first arrived here were related to his inaccurate expectations of the Academy and his misconception of the form of the courses he would be taking. I believed that if his expectations were more in line with reality he would have fewer problems adjusting to life aboard a Starfleet vessel. I am happy to report that he has taken up his suggestion and has scheduled several meetings with visiting experienced counselors.

Finally, I have emphasized to him the need to work on building a strong support network of friends wherever he is posted. One of the problems we have identified in our sessions together is that Brel felt incapable of making social connections. He has consistently cited his lack of friends to go to for advice as one of the biggest reasons he has experienced problems settling into life at the Academy.

Counseling Log

Since graduating from Starfleet Academy, Tobias Brel has not been treated by a Starfleet counselor.