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Tobias Prex was the first of two sons born to Corbin and Esme Prex. His father Corbin, a Federation diplomat, was posted to a number of different worlds during Tobias' childhood and took his family with him, hoping that his sons would gain perspective on the customs and cultures of other races.

Tobias enjoyed the experience of moving from world to world but in later years he would come to regret his lack of a connection to his own cultural identity. Education was overseen by private tutors and whilst Tobias was permitted to play with the children of other ambassadors and local dignitaries, he made few friends during this time.

Full Timeline

  1. 235703.02: Tobias Prex is born to Corbin and Esme Prex. He is their first child.
  2. 235802.10: Corbin Prex resumes his ambassadorial duties and accepts a posting to Deneb IV.
  3. 235812.28: Corbin Prex sends for his wife and son to join him.
  4. 236006.17: A younger brother, Darin Prex, is born.
  5. 236009.05: Corbin Prex is reassigned to Denobula Triaxa. This time he travels with his family.
  6. 236209.05: Corbin Prex accepts a new assignment on Mazar. Once again his family relocate with him.
  7. 236705.11: Corbin Prex is offered a position as a roaming ambassador, traveling aboard starships wherever he is needed. The Prex family join him for many of his assignments, traveling on a number of Starfleet vessels and staying in many Federation space stations.

Teenage Years

Inspired by his father's diplomatic work and his own experiences traveling, Tobias began to entertain the idea of joining the Federation's diplomatic core. As in his early childhood, the first part of his teenage years were spent moving from world to world but he began to take a greater interest in his studies.

His father encouraged Tobias' ambitions and advised him to learn the languages and key cultural texts and artworks of the 'diplomatically significant' races, such as the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians and Ferengi.

It was during this time that Tobias began to collect holonovels - a passion that continues to this day. During this time however the focus of his collection was on pulp adventure stories, not on the literary classics that dominate his collection as an adult.

When the Dominion War broke out in late 2373, Corbin was assigned to Romulus. Unsure how the political landscape would lie and whether Romulus was safe from the Dominion, Corbin opted to send his children back to the Trill homeworld with Esme. By the time Corbin returned to join his family on Trill Tobias was already enrolled as a student at the University of Plare, one of the leading higher education institutes on the homeworld.

There Brel studied counseling having been advised that a degree in the field would significantly strengthen his application to the Ambassadorial corps.

Full Timeline

  1. 237005.03: Following first contact being made with the Wadi, Corbin Prex is sent to their homeworld as the Federation's ambassador. He makes history as the first Federation ambassador to be assigned to a Gamma Quadrant world. The Prex family travels with him. Both Tobias and Darin heartily enjoy spending time in a society where gaming is revered.
  2. 237101.19: Corbin, having been persuaded by Esme that the Wadi are negative influences on their children, requests that another ambassador be assigned to the Wadi and agrees to once again become a roaming ambassador. For the next few years he and his family travel aboard starships, staying in their ambassadorial suites.
  3. 237311.27: Corbin Prex is assigned to Romulus early on in the Dominion Wars. He decides that his family will not be safe if they remain with him and so sends his wife and children back to Trill where he believes they will be safe.
  4. 237412.20: Tobias is accepted to the University of Plare as a counseling student for the following academic year.
  5. 237509.01: Tobias moves to the academic campus in Plare where he begins his studies.

Pre-Academy Years

Tobias graduated from University in 2378 with full honors and began to think about his future once again. He still wished to be a diplomat so when Ambassador Vadosia, a good friend of his father and a highly respected Federation ambassador, asked if Tobias would like to work as his aide for a year he readily agreed.

It was during his time working for Vadosia that his ambitions changed. His father had always been vocal that 'real diplomacy' was done by the Federation's ambassadors yet when working in the field, Tobias observed that it is the explorers in Starfleet who were the ones making first contact and having to establish a dialogue. He began to think of becoming a Starfleet officer.

Tobias was also beginning to consider his identity as a Trill, realizing that he knew less about his own culture than he did about many of the other races with whom he came into contact. The more he studied the history of his kind, the more he came to believe that he would not be fulfilling his potential unless he became one of the small proportion of Trills that were joined. He sent in his application to the Symbiosis Committee and was assigned a docent to establish his suitability as a host.

Recommended by his docent, Tobias was joined to the Brel symbiont on 238001.11. After the joining however Tobias struggled with the four other lifetimes of experiences and memories that were now part of him. His relationships with his parents worsened and he no longer felt capable of being near them. Instead he was once again thinking of a career in Starfleet, believing that if he was to start pursuing his own ambitions again he might find peace with his new self.

Full Timeline

  1. 237806.16: Tobias graduates with honors.
  2. 237808.27: Tobias accepts a position as aide to Ambassador Vadosia.
  3. 237904.10: Tobias applies to the Symbiosis Committee as a candidate for the joining.
  4. 237907.22: A docent visits Tobias and begins to assess his suitability as a host.
  5. 237908.29: Tobias is notified that he has been accepted as a candidate for selection.
  6. 237909.14: Tobias completes his term and returns to Trill.
  7. 238001.11: Tobias is joined to the Brel symbiont, becoming Tobias Brel.
  8. 238003.06: Tobias leaves his family home, traveling to Earth where he begins the preparation program to enter Starfleet Academy.
  9. 238009.10: Tobias takes the entrance exam and passes. He is told he will be admitted at the start of the Spring semester.

Academy Years

Tobias began his studies at the Academy in 2381 where he took courses in counseling, conflict resolution, sociology, anthropology and economics.

When he initially arrived at the Academy he believed he was joining an academic institution where knowledge was challenged and ideas debated. Unfortunately for Brel many of his lecturers disagreed and found his approach to be combative, labeling him (inaccurately) as a troublemaker.

Struggling to deal with the integration of previous Brel hosts' personalities and memories into his own, Tobias' behavior was at times erratic. Falling out with several of his friends, Tobias had little of a support network to help him cope with these problems and by the start of his third year he was contemplating leaving the Academy. In spite of his difficulties however he stuck out his time, performed strongly in many of his key classes, and graduated with a strong record.

Tobias looks back on his time at the Academy as being largely miserable and highly disappointing. He does however have a few fond memories, most of which center around Davina Cairns - a fellow cadet took astrophysics classes along with Tobias' roommate, Karol Krawiec.

The pair became romantically involved after they both attended Karol's twenty-sixth birthday celebrations at the Mazurka Festival in New Berlin on Luna during Tobias' second year. On their return to the Academy the pair attempted to maintain a relationship but they found that they were incompatible and split three months later. Although they did not work out as a romantic pairing, the two continue to be great friends and correspond often.

Full Timeline

  1. 238101.05: Tobias Brel arrives in San Fransisco to begin his studies at the Academy.
  2. 238205.12: Tobias begins dating Davina Cairns.
  3. 238208.19: Davina tells Tobias she thinks their relationship is not working out and suggests they split whilst they are still friends.
  4. 238507.11: Tobias is posted to the USS Quincy for his cadet cruise. The posting is without significant incident.
  5. 238603.29: Tobias graduates from Starfleet Academy.
  6. 238605.12: Tobias Brel arrives aboard Deep Space 17 and reports for duty aboard the USS Tiger.

Post Academy/In the Fleet

In this section, you are going to reflect on the character's personal life in StarFleet. Feel free to break this up into sections, as well.

Full Timeline

  1. 232001.01: Event.
  2. 232001.02: Event, etc.